Get the Best London VPN for Anonymity and Access

PIA VPN hides your online activity and helps you unblock restricted websites both at home and abroad.

  • Get an anonymous London IP address and access British sites from anywhere
  • Stop your ISP and others from monitoring your online activity
  • Unblock restricted websites at work and school
Get the Best London VPN for Anonymity and Access

Protection for All Your Devices


Why You Need a VPN for London

Using a VPN for London can help you avoid online monitoring and cyber attacks.

Did you know that your ISP keeps comprehensive records of the websites you visit, your IP address, and more? What’s even scarier, Edward Snowden revealed the UK spy agency GCHQ carries out mass online surveillance against regular, everyday citizens.

PIA VPN hides your real IP address and encrypts your traffic to render your online activity indecipherable to the authorities and other snooping agencies. VPN encryption also allows you to access blocked sites on restricted local networks. What’s more, having a London IP address lets you access UK-only sites when traveling abroad.

Rely on a Trusted VPN Service

Rely on a Trusted VPN Service

PIA is a court-proven No Logs VPN — we never keep a record of your VPN sessions. If the UK authorities ask for your browsing history, they’re out of luck. We don’t have a thing on you. Our RAM-only servers aren’t designed to retain your data, and automatically self-wipe any traces of you at reboot.

Ensure Best-in-Class Security

PIA VPN secures all your internet communications with bank-level encryption. This happens so quickly that you won’t even notice it. If the VPN unexpectedly disconnects, our Kill Switch prevents your data from leaking. You can also use PIA MACE to block trackers and malicious websites known to inject malware and ads.

Ensure Best-in-Class Security
Stream Uninterrupted

Stream Uninterrupted

Stream on and on with one of the fastest VPNs around! Our 10-Gbps servers deliver high-speed, stable connections, perfect for even the most bandwidth-heavy tasks.

Try our streaming-optimized servers for platforms like Netflix and BBC iPlayer for picture-perfect UHD video. We don’t cap your bandwidth either, so your Black Mirror marathon can go on all night.

Unblock British Websites

BritBox, BBC iPlayer, ITV, and others are restricted outside the UK, but PIA VPN can help you access them if you’re on a trip overseas. Simply connect to one of our UK VPN servers and, just like that, it’s on with the show.

PIA can also help you safely access your British bank accounts from abroad without triggering any extra security checks caused by your change in location.

Unblock Websites When Traveling

Get a London VPN for Privacy and Security in 3 Simple Steps

Finding a decent cuppa tea when traveling abroad can be tricky, but getting a London IP address from PIA VPN is just 3 steps away:

Step 1

Sign up for Private Internet Access

Step 2

Set up PIA on any device

Step 3

Choose London & click to connect

Download a London VPN for All Your Devices

Download a London VPN for All Your Devices

PIA is the best multi-platform VPN. It offers plug-and-play apps for all your Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android devices.

Our apps couldn’t be easier to use. Once you subscribe to PIA, simply install and open the VPN app, open the regions list, and select the UK: London — that’s it! Your device will instantly get a London IP address.

PIA lets you connect any number of devices simultaneously with one account so you can switch between secure devices with ease.

What Is a London VPN?

VPN stands for virtual private network, a user-friendly app that keeps your online activity private and helps you access restricted content.

A London VPN is one with servers in London. The VPN app will make it look as though you’re connecting to the internet in London, no matter where you really are. This can help you stay connected to British websites and content while traveling abroad.

A London VPN from PIA is also a great way to boost your online anonymity so surveillance agencies have a much harder time tracking your movements.

What Is a London VPN?
Why You Need a VPN to Get a London IP Address

Why You Need a VPN to Get a London IP Address

A VPN is the easiest, most reliable way to get a London IP address — anyone can use it and it doesn’t require any manual configuration. Once you’re connected, a VPN gives you a London IP address in seconds. It also encrypts your traffic to shield it from nosy ISPs, government spies, and cybercriminals.

PIA VPN does even more. We provide lightning-fast 10-Gbps servers with unlimited bandwidth, so you can go about streaming, gaming, and downloading without any lag or restrictions.

We made PIA VPN easy to use, even for non-techies, but our Customer Support team is available 24/7 if you need assistance.

PIA’s Top London VPN Features

No Logs Policy
High Level Encryption
Unlimited Bandwidth
Fast Speeds
24/7 Customer Support

PIA’s Main Features

FeaturesPIA VPN
Fast and stable connectionAvoid laggy VPN connections with our 10-Gbps servers
No bandwidth limitsBrowse, download, and play without data or speed caps
London serversAccess high-speed NextGen VPN servers
Servers worldwideChoose from 154 VPN locations around the world
No logging of your dataRelax knowing we don’t collect your VPN traffic
Unlimited device connectionsConnect multiple devices at once with 1 PIA account
24/7 customer supportGet instant answers — we’re always on standby
Hidden IP addressExplore the web without exposing your real IP address
Strong data encryptionHide your web traffic and avoid content-based restrictions


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Can I Use a Free VPN for London?

Maybe, but you risk your privacy. Free VPNs may collect your browsing history and inject ads to make money, so they aren’t really “free.” Besides, they’re often too slow to handle even basic web browsing, let alone streaming.

Get the best London VPN instead. PIA has the fastest VPN servers in the world, letting you carry on your online activity as usual with zero slowdowns. Our court-proven No Logs policy guarantees we never collect or sell your data. Take PIA VPN for a spin risk free with our 30-day money-back guarantee.


As one of the best UK VPNs, PIA has servers in London equipped with 10-Gbps network cards, so you can forget about lag, even during peak times. Our servers are RAM-only, so your VPN activity can’t be stored long term. We also give you unlimited bandwidth, so you never run out of data.

PIA is the most feature-packed, user-friendly VPN for London, and costs as little per month. You get access to high-speed servers in London, plus streaming-optimized servers for ITV, Netflix UK, and others. You’ll also benefit from unlimited bandwidth, unlimited simultaneous device connections, device-wide malware protection, and a whole lot more.

Yes, it’s wise to use a VPN in London as UK-based ISPs are legally bound to collect your private web traffic and share it with the authorities.

You can prevent this with PIA VPN — we use MI6-level encryption to hide your online activity from your ISP and any other cyber snoops.

PIA can also give you an anonymous London IP so the websites you visit or the posts you publish never lead back to your real IP.

Yes. It’s legal to use a VPN in London and across the UK. Many privacy and security experts recommend using PIA VPN in London to prevent ISPs, advertisers, and the authorities from spying on your online movements.

No. The police can’t track you if you’re using PIA VPN. Many users share each of our anonymous UK IP addresses, so it would be difficult to isolate you. As a strict No Logs VPN, we can’t associate your real IP with your new, anonymous one, let alone a third party like the UK police.

Maybe, but it’s worth asking why it’s free. Apart from being painfully slow and overcrowded, free VPNs may record your online activity on behalf of shady third parties.

Use PIA VPN instead. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try out our lightning-fast servers in London before you decide. Connect to PIA VPN and do whatever you like online — our No Logs policy ensures we never process or store your browsing history.

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