Use a VPN for New Jersey & Stay Connected to the Shore

Connect to PIA’s servers in Trenton and securely access the Garden State from anywhere.

  • Stream Devils’ games without blackouts or ISP throttling
  • Get a New Jersey IP address instantly
  • Watch News 12 and other local news channels white traveling
Use a VPN for New Jersey & Place Sports Bets Restriction-Free

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How to Get a New Jersey IP Address in 3 Steps

Step 1

Sign up for Private Internet Access

Step 2

Set up PIA on any device

Step 3

Choose US East and click to connect

What Is a New Jersey IP Address?

Every device you use to connect to the internet has an IP address — a numerical identifier that gives away your location. Sites use it to confirm your location and decide what content to show you — or hide from you. This means if you’re not in New Jersey, you may be blocked from watching Devils games live or accessing your banking app.

PIA VPN gives you a New Jersey IP address in seconds, regardless of your actual location. Connect to PIA’s servers in NJ for secure access to regional banking services, betting sites, and any other website that requires a NJ IP address.

What Is a New Jersey IP Address?

Why Do I Need a New Jersey IP Address?

Why Do I Need a Minnesota IP Address?

Access Your Bank Accounts

Financial institutions such as CUNJ, Valley Bank, and ConnectOne Bank may flag your login attempt as suspicious if you’re traveling out of state, which can lock you out of your account. Use a New Jersey IP address from PIA and securely manage your finances from anywhere.

Stream Sports Without Blackouts

When you're away from home, you may miss out on Devils, Jets, or Giants games due to regional blackouts. Fortunately, you can use a New Jersey IP address from PIA to enjoy uninterrupted sports streams without worrying about blackouts or ISP throttling.

Watch Out-of-State News

Online news outlets may change their headlines based on your location. You can hop onto PIA’s New Jersey servers and get your fill of News 12, WXTV-TV, or WNJB-TV — and keep up with the Garden State gossip no matter where you roam.

Protect Your Privacy

NJ is one of the worst states for online privacy, with no comprehensive state privacy laws. This means you have little control over your personal data privacy. Use PIA’s NJ IP address to take advantage of military-grade encryption and a strict No Logs policy to keep your online activities private.

Watch Out-of-State News
Get the Best Deals Nationwide

Get the Best Deals Nationwide

Many websites change their prices based on your location. Don’t break the bank on overpriced lodgings when booking your trip to Atlantic City or Cape May — get a New Jersey IP address from PIA and snag exclusive local deals.

Buy Extra Time to File Taxes

Got tax deadlines breathing down your neck and need a little extra leeway? No sweat, PIA’s got you covered. Connect to our West Coast servers to get a local IP address and voila — three extra hours to extend your deadline without stressing out.

Why You Need a VPN to Get a New Jersey IP Address

A VPN is the most reliable way to get a New Jersey IP address. Other options such as proxies and Tor aren’t designed to let you choose a location, and only work in your browser. Even worse, Tor is too slow for streaming and proxies may leave you without protection, or may even collect your data.

Our NJ servers in Trenton give you lightning-fast connections, military-grade encryption, RAM-only servers, and a strict No Logs policy. Your online activity is hidden even from us!

Why You Need a VPN to Get a New Jersey IP Address
Get NextGen VPN Servers for all 50 States

Get NextGen VPN Servers for All 50 States in 2024

PIA gives you VPN coverage from coast to coast, with server locations spanning all 50 states. The whole USA is at your fingertips.

Why Choose PIA VPN for New Jersey?

Servers in New York

Servers in New Jersey

Connect to our servers in Trenton and don’t let The Garden State news slip away.

Fast 10 Gbps network

Fast 10-Gbps network

Tune into Live TV Streams without lagging or freezing using PIA's super-fast servers.

10 Device Connections

Unlimited Device Connections

Connect like a boss on any device — PIA protects your smartphone, PC, laptop, router, and more.

Leading VPN for Privacy

Leading VPN for Privacy

Safeguard your online activities — PIA’s No Logs policy and RAM-only servers keep your data safe.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited Bandwidth

Binge-watch The Sopranos with PIA; we won’t restrict or throttle like your ISP.

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

Reach our round-the-clock Customer Support for expert help using your VPN in New Jersey.

Download a New Jersey VPN for All Your Devices

Stay protected on all your devices with PIA’s native apps for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS. Connect unlimited devices with one subscription — or just install it on your router to cover your entire network.



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There are many reasons to use a VPN for New Jersey. If you’re out of state, you may lose access to sports betting websites, live Devils matches, or local news updates. On top of that, cybercriminals are always looking for ways to intercept your bank account information.

A VPN for New Jersey will unblock websites restricted to locals, and safeguard your online activities with unbreakable VPN encryption, to protect you from anyone snooping on your Internet activities.

Perhaps, but it may defeat the purpose of using a VPN. Free VPN providers often exploit your usage and connection logs to make money. Detailed records of your browsing history, devices, and personal info are their bread and butter.

Opt for PIA instead and buy a VPN that puts your privacy first. PIA comes with a proven No Logs policy, RAM-only servers, and advanced privacy features. Get peace of mind knowing all your online sessions are private.

Not so many, most VPNs host servers in a handful of states only. But this isn’t the case for PIA, we have VPN servers in all 50 states, as well as a global presence in 91 countries.

PIA’s USA VPN will give you an IP address for New Jersey or any other state, to seamlessly access your digital life from anywhere.

Easily! Just subscribe to your preferred PIA subscription plan with any payment option, including third-party gift cards and cryptocurrencies. Then, download VPN apps for your devices, install them, log in, and choose the US East server. Voila! You’re in the Garden state!

Of course! VPNs are legal in New Jersey and every other US state. You're free to mask your IP address with PIA and shield your digital footprints against nosy ISPs and government agencies.

PIA provides unmatched online security and privacy, but it’s not a “Get out of jail free” card — Illegal activities are illegal with or without VPNs. Stay on the right side of the law, and let PIA VPN keep you safe from lawbreakers.

All of them! PIA has 10 Gbps servers in all 50 states, so you’ll enjoy fast VPN speeds no matter which location you want to connect to.

PIA also has server locations spanning 91 countries, including streaming-optimized servers designed for smooth connections to Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, YouTube TV, and more.

Yes! You can have your own static IP address from New Jersey to get reliable access to your favorite sites while enjoying all our VPN’s perks.

A Dedicated IP from PIA saves you the headaches of sudden restrictions and security alerts that may result from a shared IP address when you use our VPN for gaming, gambling, or banking.

Each VPN provider has their own pricing, but PIA is a cost-effective choice to switch your IP address to New Jersey.

Our best deal starts at per month with a full suite of perks and features that other VPNs may charge extra for.

Still not sure about VPNs? Try our VPN risk free with our 30-day money-back guarantee, or contact our 24/7 Customer Support team if you have any questions.

Still Not Convinced? Try PIA Risk-Free

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Disclaimer: Per our Terms and Conditions, using PIA VPN for illegal purposes is not encouraged.


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