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  • Encrypt your data to keep it safe from cybercriminals
  • Bypass network blocks at school and work
  • Protect your identity with a comprehensive anonymity toolkit
Take Back Your Online Freedom with the Best USA VPN

Reasons to use a VPN in the USA

Online privacy is vital in the USA: Corporations are busy collecting your data, and the US government also operates an extensive surveillance network, allowing it to spy on citizens. To keep your online activity private, you need a VPN for the United States.

Complete Protection on All Devices

Protect Your Online Privacy

Privacy is a right, not a luxury. You may be thinking: “I have nothing to hide,” but it’s not Joe Biden or The Patriot Act you need to worry about. Ask yourself: do you really want advertisers or anyone else following you around the internet? In today’s world, securing your data is essential. A VPN keeps your internet activity private, making it harder for third parties to track you online.

Secure Your Online Data

A recent Gallup poll found 72% of Americans are worried their personal or financial information may be hacked, and 66% worry about identity theft. Those concerns are valid, as the volume of cybercrime continues to rise year on year. To better protect yourself against digital threats, get unbreakable data encryption from PIA VPN.

Open Source Transparency
Complete Protection on All Devices

Put the Joy Back into Streaming

It’s happened to all of us: you’re watching the latest episode of That 90s Show and suddenly the picture starts to stutter, or you just get cut off. ISP throttling and network restrictions at your school, workplace or on public Wi-Fi can take the joy out of streaming. A VPN bypasses network restrictions and ISP throttling to bring the joy back.

Access Vital Websites While Abroad

Want to keep up with the latest news from FOX, CNN, or MSNBC while traveling for business? Or maybe you simply need to access your Chase account while on the move? Many American websites restrict access to non-US IPs. A VPN lets you change your virtual location so you can stay connected to your favorite websites.

Open Source Transparency

Get a USA VPN for Privacy & Security in 3 Steps

Getting a United States IP address is a piece of cake. Connect to one of our VPN servers in all 50 states to instantly get a new IP address and hide your traffic from prying digital eyes.

Step 1

Sign up for Private Internet Access

Step 2

Set up PIA on any device

Step 3

Choose the United States & connect to a server

Complete Protection on All Devices

Download a USA VPN for All Your Devices

Your devices are as personal to you as the color of your socks. Whether you’re Team Microsoft or Team Apple we’ve got a VPN app for you.

Choose between the VPN for PC and Mac to get started, or download our browser extension apps and get a VPN for Chrome, Windows, or Firefox.

Want a break from your desk? Our Android and iOS VPN apps have got you covered.

And if you need a break from work, stay protected while gaming or relaxing with our Smart DNS feature for smart TVs and games consoles.

Best of all, you can link up to ten devices to one account, switching seamlessly between them for full protection at all times, whatever you’re doing online.

Open Source Transparency

  • Enjoy complete VPN transparency — our apps are 100% open source
  • Rest easy knowing our open source philosophy lets us respond quickly to issues
  • Get unbeatable open source protection with WireGuard® and OpenVPN protocols
Open Source Transparency
Ultimate Privacy and Security

Ultimate Privacy and Security

  • Prevent data leaks even when the VPN is off with our advanced Kill Switch
  • Enable multi-hop to hide your VPN use from network monitors
  • Create custom rules with split tunneling to customize your protection

PIA’s Top USA VPN Features

Get all the best VPN features you need to keep your traffic under lock and key. PIA stops third parties from tracking what you do online in the US.

No Logs Policy
High Level Encryption
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Bandwidth
24/7 Customer Support

Main Features of Private Internet Access

FeaturesPIA VPN
Fast and stable connectionConnect to our 10 Gbps servers for blazing-fast speeds
No bandwidth limitsKeep your VPN connected 24/7 — we won’t stop you
USA serversChoose from more than 50 US server locations
Servers worldwideExplore the global net with servers in 154 locations
No logging of your dataBrowse in confidence — PIA never monitors your VPN usage
10 simultaneous device connectionsProtect all your tech at once with just one PIA account
24/7 customer supportGet help from VPN experts whenever you need it
Hidden IP addressDisguise your location and be more anonymous online
Strong data encryptionProtect your personal data with military-grade technology


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Can I Use a Free VPN to Get a USA IP Address?

Yes, you can use a free VPN to get a US IP address, but it’s not a good idea. Free VPNs are normally much too slow for streaming Knives Out, and some even sell your data to third parties, making your connection less private, not more.

It may be possible to find a free VPN with fast connection speeds, or another that doesn’t sell your data, but why compromise? PIA offers the best of all worlds: safe, secure, fast access with extra features like ad blocking and split tunneling built-in. Try PIA for yourself with our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Access US Streaming Services with A VPN

US copyright and distribution laws can make it difficult to access your favorite streaming services while traveling outside a specific region. Many national sports events like NFL, NHL, MLB, and NBA games are blacklisted depending on a user's location, this means users can miss out if they're outside the regular broadcast area.

Similar regional blocks affect whether or not users can stream college sports, local news programming, and streaming platforms. Many tv and movie services don't allow users to view their full libraries while working, traveling, or studying away from home. Users may also get locked out of region-specific banking accounts or work networks based on their physical location.

When US users connect via VPN servers in their home state, they retain access to local streaming, banking, and new sources anywhere they go. PIA VPN has IP addresses for all 50 states and DC, so our users have access to their favorite content anywhere.


If you’re based in the USA, you’ll want a VPN service that’s US-focused. PIA VPN fits the bill perfectly. Choose from more than 50 US servers – that’s one in every state – to access our network optimized for US connections. You’ll enjoy lightning fast, uninterrupted streaming, and state-of-the-art online privacy protection.

An IP address identifies any device connected to the internet. Your IP address contains information about your location, which websites use to determine what content you see online. So if you’re traveling abroad, it’s useful to change your IP address to one based in the US. That way, you can stay connected to all your favorite websites from back home.

Yes!You aren’t doing anything illegal when you use a VPN in the US to protect your data or hide your IP address. That said, we never advocate doing anything online that breaks local laws, with or without a USA VPN.

You can get a US IP address with PIA for as little as per month. Simply subscribe to PIA VPN, choosing the plan that’s right for you, and you can be protected in just a few minutes. Our 30 Day Money-Back guarantee means you can try our VPN risk free.

School, workplace, and public networks aren’t safe. Even your home network is vulnerable to ISP snooping and other privacy violations. To access your favorite web services safely on any network, you’ll need high-level VPN encryption and a new IP address. Whether it’s your ISP, the government, or a website, PIA VPN takes away the worry about third parties looking at your data.

Yes! Get started with PIA and gain access to servers in all 50 states. Connect to one of our servers to instantly become more anonymous online. Reach out to our 24/7 customer support team if you have any questions about using PIA VPN in the United States.

Absolutely! Connect to one of our US VPN servers in cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, NYC, and Miami to instantly hide your location with a new US IP address. This is particularly useful when traveling abroad. Take your favorite streaming services, online banking accounts, and local websites with you wherever you go.

Yes, but it’s a bad idea. Free VPNs won’t have many servers, and the servers they do have will usually run slow. Some will also collect and sell your data to cover their running costs.

PIA VPN has a decade of cutting-edge security under its belt. Our strict No Logs policy means we’ll never record your usage data, and our lightning-fast servers give you unrestricted internet access. Try us risk-free with our 30-day money-back guarantee.

No, a new IP address alone won’t, but encrypting your data will. You’re in luck — PIA offers 128- and 256-bit AES encryption to keep snooping ISPs in the dark.

For complete privacy, download and install one of our VPN browser extensions. These apps add another protection layer to stop digital fingerprinting and WebRTC leaks.

PIA has servers in every US state, including Alaska and Hawaii. Enjoy unmatched VPN security so you can safely watch movies, play games, and download files from anywhere in the country — without sacrificing connection speed.

If you want to get the best performance from your VPN connection, it’s important you have access to a server as close to your geographical location as possible. PIA has servers in all 50 states, so even if you’re connecting from Alaska or Hawaii, you can always count on a stable and blazing-fast VPN connection.

Yes! We have Dedicated IP VPN servers in Atlanta, California, Chicago, Denver, the East Coast, Florida, Las Vegas, New York, Texas, Washington D.C., and the West Coast. Beyond that, we also have Dedicated IPs available for Australia, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Singapore.

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