ACLU shares user data with Facebook and friends

Posted on Apr 5, 2021 by Chris Miller

The American Civil Liberties Union, or ACLU or short, is a regular critic of Facebook for its many privacy failures over the years. Yet, a recent update to its privacy statement reveals that they may share your personal information with Facebook if you use their website:

we may share your personal information with communications platforms, such as Facebook.”

Just how bad is it? Further down they (sort of) explain what information: that might include;

may include name, zip code, email address, and other information

Am I the only one that finds the use of “other information” uncomforting?

But, that’s not all, they also rent out your information and even trade their contact lists with other organizations:

We sometimes allow other non-partisan organizations to contact our supporters who have chosen to share their information with us. Working with other organizations in this way, either on a rental basis, in an exchange, or through a data sharing co-op

The internet has become so competitive that it has become very difficult to compete online without resorting to the same privacy-invading tactics that most websites use these days.  However, it is especially alarming when you see those tactics in use by organizations that supposedly fight for privacy.

You can read ACLU’s privacy policy in full here: