Interview With Narendra Sahoo – VISTA InfoSec

Posted on Jan 31, 2022 by Marko Velimirovic

VISTA InfoSec is a vendor-neutral company providing Risk Compliance and Information Security Advisory Services to organizations for the past 16 years. Narendra Sahoo, the CEO of VISTA InfoSec, shared some important information about the company and cybersecurity threats.

Private Internet Access: Please present VISTA InfoSec to our audience.

Narendra Sahoo: We are a global cybersecurity consulting firm specialized in offering cybersecurity services for the past 17 years. We are totally vendor and product-neutral firm and have a dedicated team for Audit as well as Advisory / Consulting. We have our offices based in the US, Canada, UK, India, Singapore and the Middle East. We are today the preferred partners in the industry known for providing services such as PCI DSS, PCI PIN, PCI SSF, SOC1/2, GDPR, HIPAA, Web Appsec/Mobile Appsec, VA/PT, etc. We bring with us industry expertise, global experience, and exceptional services to help our clients in the industry. Our focus is on providing services that go beyond mere Advisory services and providing practical solutions and ground-level support to all businesses looking to achieve their Cyber Security goals.

PIA: What has your journey to your current job been?

NS: I have over 25 years of experience in the IT industry, out of which the last 17 years I have solely dedicated to VISTA InfoSec. Currently, my professional qualifications includes being a PCI QSA, CISA, CISSP, CRISC, ISO 27001 Lead Assessor. I had initially started off as an assembly language programmer, with the advent of networking and the Internet in India, and then moved on into networking and IT management of which InfoSec was a natural progression. Today I am an InfoSec Specialist with proficiency in globally recognized standards such as ISO27001, PCI DSS, ITIL/ISO 20000, COBIT and many international regulations such as HIPAA, CSV, SOX, SSAE16, SOC to name a few.

Looking back to the date when I began running the company with no business background and today being one of the most reputed global cybersecurity consulting firm has been quite a roller coaster ride. Learnt and still learning a lot of hard lessons in Marketing, Finance, HR and of course client management. From humble beginnings of running the office with one person from my home to a company spanning 3 continents and partners in the rest, it has been a quite a ride. All with God’s grace of course.

PIA: What do you love about working in cybersecurity?

NS: It is the constant challenge in the industry and the ever evolving technology, processes and regulations that shapes the cybersecurity industry that keeps me interested in this field. Exploring new techniques and technology to deal with evolving threat landscape and helping enterprises deal with cybersecurity program is what I truly love about the industry and keeps me going. I have been a part of this industry for 25 years and now out of which the last 17 years I have solely dedicated to VISTA InfoSec.

PIA: What are the worst cyberthreats out there today?

NS: I believe that would be a potent combination of ransomware, illtrained users and organisations who somehow believe that putting in the latest tech is the panacea of every Cybersecurity threat.

PIA: How is the pandemic changing the way your company deals with cybersecurity?

NS: The COVID-19 Pandemic has completely changed the outlook and the ways and means of doing business today. With Work from Home (WFH) scenario now seen as the new norm, we have had to bring in a lot of changes in the way we work and do things. From our side with the WFH scenario, we have upgraded our DMS with the latest encryption, backup and MFA to ensure that client data is safe. We have worked towards educating users to ensure that they are aware of the threats in the WFH scenario. We have also upgraded our end systems with security measures to ensure that client data is safe and any type of misuse is greatly reduced. So, with all the necessary measures in place we are well equipped to continue working from home and yet serve our clients without any hassle.