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Posted on Dec 18, 2018 by Sean Doyle
privacy browser extensions

There are a lot of browser extensions that can improve your privacy while you surf the web. This guide takes a look at some of the most popular browser extensions that can protect your privacy and keep your sensitive information safe.

Block advertisements and scripts

Extensions that block advertisements and scripts can improve your browsing experience by blocking ads and scripts that can whatever they want with your data.

uBlock Origin (Chrome/Firefox/Safari)
uBlock Origin is one of the most powerful ad-blockers available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. It’s also lighter than other extensions of the same nature. uBlock Origin gives you control to block more than just advertisements. You can block elements of your choice, pop-ups, large media elements, cosmetics, fonts, and JavaScript with the click of a button.

AdBlocker Ultimate (Chrome/Firefox/Safari)
AdBlocker Ultimate is an open source extension that was designed to remove all advertisements and improve browser speed and the time it takes a page to load. AdBlocker Ultimate also blocks websites known to host malware, tracking, and elements of your choice.

ScriptSafe (Chrome/Firefox/Opera)
ScriptSafe is an extension that allows you to block all scripts from running on pages by default. The extension will block Java, JavaScript, Flash, and others. The downside to using this extension is that it will break a lot of websites and you will have to choose to allow, trust, deny, or distrust certain scripts.

Stop tracking

Extensions that stop tracking protect your browsing data from being used for unknown purposes. These extensions can block cookies, stop tracking, and do so much more.

Disconnect (Chrome/Firefox/Safari/IE)
Disconnect is an award winning extension that protects you from all kinds of tracking, malvertising, and sites that are known to host malware. There are three versions of Disconnect including Basic, Pro iOS, and Premium. The Basic version is a free tool that provides protection for your browser and improves speed. The Pro iOS version does everything the Basic version does, plus includes a SmartVPN feature that encrypts insecure DNS and HTTP connections. The Premium version provides complete protection and a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that encrypts your traffic and masks your location.

Privacy Badger (Chrome/Firefox)
Privacy Badger is a light weight extension that protects you from trackers while you surf the Internet. Unlike Disconnect, the Privacy Badger extension will not block everything right away. Instead, it will adapt to your browsing habits to learn what to block. It doesn’t keep a list of what to block, the extension automatically finds trackers as you browse the Internet. The extension will start blocking a tracker if you tell it to, or if it sees the same tracker on three different websites.

Ghostery – Privacy Ad Blocker (Chrome/Firefox/Safari/IE)
Ghostery is a powerful extension that blocks advertisements and scripts, stops tracking, and speeds up website loading times. The extension has an easy to use interface that shows you simple and detailed statistics including the trackers it blocked and page load time.

Safeguard passwords, payment information, and privacy

It’s not a good idea to let your browser store your passwords and credit card numbers. Anyone who has access to your computer or synced account can basically control your passwords and anything else they can find. That is why using a reputable password manager is strongly recommended for your privacy.

LastPass (Chrome/Firefox/Safari)
LastPass is a popular and robust password manager that can do more than just secure your password. The extension can also store your credit card information, shopping profiles, documents, and notes in an online vault that is kept in secret, even from LastPass. The LastPass extension uses AES-256 encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256 and salted hashes to ensure complete security.

* DISCLAIMER * – This purpose of this article is to show you some of the more popular privacy related browser extensions and should not be considered a recommendation or advice of any kind.

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