Privacy Talks | Interview with Ruth Smeeth, CEO of Index on Censorship

Posted on Mar 15, 2021 by Caleb Chen
Ruth Smeeth Interview

This interview first aired on September 11, 2020.

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[0:52] – To start off, could you expand more on what Index on Censorship does and what steps in your career led you to your current position?

[2:02] – Could you tell us about the ongoing initiative Index is working on with Justice for Journalists?

[3:23] – Freedom of expression is under attack all over the world from many fronts. What does it mean when a law has a chilling effect on free speech?

[4:28] – How do you feel about the effects of China’s new national security law in Hong Kong on freedom of expression there?

[6:19] – There are just too many instances of ongoing censorship to be able to cover them all in today’s chat but what is one instance of ongoing censorship that viewers might not have heard of that you feel they should know about?

[7:35] – What advice would you give to those viewers that may be living under censorship but still want their voices to be heard?

[8:19] – What’s the best way for viewers to get involved with Index on Censorship?

[9:35] – Lastly, what is something that Index on Censorship is looking forward to?

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Index on Censorship on journlists in Kashmir that have been arrested for crimes related to their journalism:

Masrat Zahra, a freelance photojournalist
Peerzada Ashiq from the Hindu newspaper
Gowhar Geelani, a renowned author and journalist

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