Private Internet Access is the fastest VPN according to Top10VPN Speed Test Tool

Posted on Jun 2, 2020 by Caleb Chen

Testing VPN speeds has just gotten a whole lot easier with Top10VPN’s Speed Test Tool. Anyone can use the Speed Test Tool to view historical fastest VPN performance data across 12 of the most popular VPN companies. The speed test industry has historically had two major leaders: and and these are widely regarded as the industry standard for finding out your internet speed from home at any given moment. However, to use these speed tests to test your own internet speed when connected via VPN requires multiple steps and lots of time. That’s why the team at Top10VPN has created an automated tool that runs speed tests both with and without a VPN and stores the historical data to be displayed in a handy chart for users to view.

How does the Top10VPN Speed Test Tool work?

private internet access download speed loss top 10 vpn speed test tool
Private Internet Access VPN Speed Loss % from New York using the New York VPN exit node.

The Top10VPN team has taken a simple and frankly genius approach to testing, storing, and displaying VPN speeds on their tool. To run the test, they simply utilize one of their 11 speed test servers located around the world and navigate to to run a test without connecting to a VPN to establish a base speed.  After the base speed is established, Top10VPN then connects to a VPN server and runs the test again (three times) and stores the average speed. By doing this four times a day every day of the year, Top10VPN has established a historical database of VPN network performance for the industry’s largest players – an incredibly useful tool for those trying to figure out what is the fastest VPN. Additionally, all reported numbers are actually averages from three separate readings so you can be sure that they aren’t just a fluke.

How to use Top10VPN Speed Test Tool to compare VPN speeds

use top 10 vpn speed test tool to compare vpn speeds
How to compare VPN speeds with the Top10VPN Speed Test Tool.

To use Top10VPN’s Speed Test Tool, simply go to the tool’s page on their website, choose which VPNs (up to five) that you’d like to test, and then choose a server to test from and a VPN server location to test to. Once you have chosen your desired test parameters, simply click “Update Results” and Top10VPN will render an easy to read graph for you with average speeds from the last eight weeks. Their tool allows you to use just a few clicks to figure out which VPN provider has the most smooth running network based on thousands of tests from almost a dozen different locations. The 11 locations you can test to and from are Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto, and Vancouver. That’s 121 different combinations across four different continents!

private internet access download speed average top 10 vpn speed test tool
Example graph of Private Internet Access average download speeds.

Here’s an example of something that you can use the tool for that you would be hard pressed to do by yourself: imagine you’re about to travel abroad and you want to find out what percentage of your download and upload speed that you can expect when using a VPN from your destination – this tool actually allows you to estimate that whereas doing it by yourself would mean enlisting the help of a friend at your destination or paying for a server physically located there. With all this data, we now know for sure which VPN network is the fastest.

Private Internet Access ranked #1 fastest VPN by Top 10 VPN

With all the data collected by Top10VPN, they have been able to empirically rank which VPN service has the fastest speeds. According to Top10VPN’s extensive research, Private Internet Access is the fastest VPN. To read more about Top10VPN’s research on Private Internet Access, don’t’ forget to check out their in depth Private Internet Access review.