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Get The Best FIFA VPN for Lag-Free Gaming

How to Use a VPN for FIFA in 3 Steps

Get PIA VPN — the #1 gaming VPN

Step 1

Get PIA VPN — the #1 gaming VPN

Connect to one of our 154 server locations

Step 2

Connect to one of our 154 server locations

Start playing Dead by Daylight with no lag

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Boost your defensive position and reaction time

Why Do You Need a VPN to Play FIFA?

Lower Ping

Lower Ping

When your ISP doesn’t provide the optimal route between you and the game, a VPN can help. Connect to a VPN server close to a FIFA server for a lower ping, and boost your gameplay with shorter response times.

Avoid DDoS Attacks

DDoS attacks can disconnect you from FIFA, giving your opponents the win. You can use a VPN to hide your real IP address, so any attacks will be directed at the VPN server instead. You won’t have to worry about malicious players and sore losers.

Avoid DDoS Attacks
Bypass Throttling

Bypass Throttling

If you’ve noticed your connection slows down whenever you’re gaming, you might be the victim of activity-based ISP throttling. A VPN encrypts your traffic so your ISP can’t see what you’re doing. You can bypass throttling and maintain the pace right up to the final minute.

What Is FIFA?

FIFA, which stands for "Fédération Internationale de Football Association," isn't just about soccer on the real field. It's also the name of a super popular video game series made by EA Sports. Imagine taking your love for soccer and putting it into a video game — that's what FIFA is all about!

FIFA lets you kick back, enjoy realistic graphics, and get right into the action with players and teams from all over the world. Whether you want to create your ultimate dream team, compete in different modes, or even take on the role of a manager in career mode, FIFA's got it all. It's become a must-have for gamers everywhere.

What Is FIFA?
Why Do You Need a Low Ping to Play FIFA?

Why Do You Need a Low Ping to Play FIFA?

Ping, measured in milliseconds, refers to the time it takes for data to travel from your device to a gaming server. You want the lowest ping possible for the most responsive gameplay.

Sometimes your ISP may not give you the ultimate connection to the game server you’re playing on, which can result in higher ping and latency. In a game that relies on stick skill and accuracy, high ping can delay your responses and give your opponents an advantage.

PIA VPN optimizes the route your data takes to the gaming server. This can lower your ping and improve your response time.

FIFA displays your ping pre-match while you’re choosing jerseys. Depending on your ping, the number will be red, yellow, or green: if it’s green, that means you’ve got a low ping. This is a great way to see at a glance which VPN server location gives you the greatest advantage.

Choose the Best VPN for FIFA

PIA is the best FIFA VPN around. It can help you lower your ping and fend off malicious players. Gear up now and become the Ronaldo of your game.

Servers Around the Globe

Servers Around the Globe

Our huge global server network means you can always find a VPN server close to the FIFA server you want to play on. This can reduce your latency for a lag-free gaming experience.

Fast Speeds

Fast Speeds

Make split-second decisions on the pitch with complete confidence. PIA’s blazing-fast connection speeds let you set up plays and bang in goals like a hero. Be MOTM and stop glitches or lag from getting between you and the goal posts.

DDoS Attack Protection

DDoS Attack Protection

Some gamers don’t want to play fair, but that doesn’t have to be a problem for you. PIA VPN hides your IP to protect you from DDoS attacks. No player is ever going to boot you off the game again!

ISP Throttling Protection

ISP Throttling Protection

Some ISPs may throttle your connection when you connect to games. Keep PIA on to encrypt your traffic and hide your activity from your ISP. That way, you can grind all day, without ISP interference.

Unlimited Data

Unlimited Data

Your competitors’ steam will run out before ours ever does. PIA never caps or throttles your data, so you can pursue a Pro Clubs championship all night — we won’t blow the whistle on you.

24/7 Customer Support

24/7 Customer Support

Have any questions? Shoot them over to our expert Support team anytime via live chat or email.

Download a FIFA VPN for All Your Devices

PIA has easy-to-use apps for all major operating systems. You can also set up our VPN on your router so you can use it with gaming consoles and other devices that don’t natively support VPNs.

Access FIFA Features Outside Your Region

Access FIFA Features Outside Your Region

Some countries get early access to new FIFA releases every year, even if it’s only by a day or two. This mainly happens in Australia and New Zealand, where they’re technically a day ahead of the US.

If you need your EA Sports FIFA fix earlier than everyone else, you can connect to a VPN server in one of the early-release countries. If you create a new EA gaming account in that country, you can purchase the latest releases early.

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If your FIFA gameplay is laggy, it could be because your internet connection is unstable or because your ISP isn’t routing your data to the game server in the best way.

When you connect to a PIA VPN server that’s close to the FIFA server you want to play on, you can get a more direct connection. This can actually help reduce lag. Our 10-Gbps network provides some of the world’s fastest VPN speeds, so you don’t have to worry about your VPN connection slowing you down.

Yes, you can play FIFA with a VPN as long as you’re not using it to do anything that would violate EA Sports’ terms of service. Connecting to a VPN server can secure your connection and hide your IP address from any bad actors.

Yes, VPNs work with FIFA 23. PIA VPN is the best VPN for the job, since it gives you ultra-fast connection speeds. You can choose from server locations all around the world to get the optimal connection to the FIFA server you like to play on.

PIA is easily the best gaming VPN around, especially when it comes to FIFA. Our 10-Gbps servers give you blazing-fast speeds, so you can focus on making your best plays without worrying about your ping.

PIA VPN also kicks your security up a notch. You can dodge DDoS attacks and dribble past surveillance with the most privacy-focused VPN in the game.

Yes, but not using your usual gaming account. You’ll have to create a new account in a region that gets early releases.

Australia and New Zealand tend to get access to games a day or so early, so your best bet is to use PIA VPN to change your IP address, then create a New Zealand or Australia-based EA account.

PIA VPN costs only a month. You can lower the cost when you subscribe to our 3-year plan for per month. Both plans let you run PIA VPN on an unlimited number of devices simultaneously.

Try PIA risk free with our 30-day money-back guarantee.

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