Get the Fastest VPN Speeds Wherever You Are

PIA’s NextGen VPN servers are wired to provide super-fast speeds on every connection.

  • Connect to one of our ultra-fast servers in 154 locations
  • Free up your bandwidth from ads, trackers, and malware
  • Escape ISP throttling, buffering, and lag on any device
Get the Fastest VPN Speeds Wherever You Are
What is the Fastest VPN?

What is the Fastest VPN?

Internet speeds depend on multiple factors, so claiming the title of the “fastest” VPN can be very subjective and misleading. Network size, server hardware, and even your location can impact your data transfer time. So even if a VPN gives you ultra-fast speeds in New York, you may experience slowdowns with the same service in London or Tokyo.

However, PIA VPN recognizes the challenge of providing blazing-fast connections. We regularly review and improve our server network and routes to make sure you always get a connection so fast you’ll forget you’re even using a VPN.

What Are the Factors in VPN Speed?

Your connection speeds rely on much more than just the VPN itself. Several things need to line up for you to get a fast VPN connection:

  • Your ISP connection speed

A sluggish base connection heavily limits how fast your VPN will be.

  • Encryption type and level

Heavyweight and outdated encryption ciphers may slow you down more.

  • Distance to the VPN server

Closer servers are often faster because data doesn’t have far to travel.

  • VPN server load

A large influx of users bottlenecks server speeds and bandwidth.

  • VPN Routing

Advanced routing algorithms determine the fastest route to a VPN server.

  • Choice of VPN protocol

OpenVPN and WireGuard® offer the best balance of security and speed.

  • Your firewall and antivirus software

Protective software slows down incoming online requests to monitor them.

  • Your computer hardware

More powerful and up-to-date processing power can boost your speeds.

  • Wired or wireless connection

Ethernet connections tend to provide faster speeds than Wi-Fi.

What Are the Factors in VPN Speed?

Set Up a Fast VPN Connection in 3 Steps

As the most configurable VPN on the market, PIA lets you customize your connection for top speeds. Open our app settings and follow the simple steps below to stream, game, and torrent without buffering or lag.

Step 1

Select WireGuard® in your VPN settings

Step 2

Click auto-connect

Step 3

Enjoy blazing-fast speeds for streaming and torrenting

Tips for Getting the Fastest VPN Connection

Tips for Getting the Fastest VPN Connection

Network Coverage

The bigger the server network, the less likely you are to encounter overcrowding and slow connections. A larger number of servers allows a VPN to balance user loads across multiple locations and reduce server congestion. This also means you can easily find a suitable alternative server location if you notice a drop in speeds.

Server Spec

Newer hardware and software handle network congestion better, so every connection benefits from faster speeds. That’s why a fleet of NextGen servers with 10 Gbps connectors and unlimited bandwidth are usually faster than connections using outdated technology.

Distance to server

Your distance from a VPN server determines how long your data takes to travel back and forth. Connecting to a server close to your actual location usually gives you faster speeds than a server on another continent.


VPN servers in popular locations, like New York or London, often experience higher user load. As a result, your internet speeds may be much slower than usual. Luckily, most VPNs analyze server load in every location and automatically connect you to the fastest one — so you don’t have to worry about testing servers yourself.

VPN Features

Split tunneling, port forwarding, and an ad blocker are must-haves for boosting internet speeds. You can send only essential data through VPN servers, choose specific internet ports, and free up bandwidth from pesky pop-up ads. This ensures you reach optimal speeds for activities that require it the most, like streaming and torrenting.

Tips for Getting the Fastest VPN Connection

Fastest VPN vs Most Secure VPN

There’s no debate — a VPN should be fast and secure, not one or the other. At PIA, we make sure protecting your data doesn’t compromise your speeds. Our NextGen servers use 10Gbps connectors with OpenVPN and WireGuard® protocols. These give you the best balance of speed and security on any compatible device.

Why You Need a Fast VPN

Streaming, torrenting, gaming, and even basic browsing require fast internet to save your sanity. PIA’s NextGen servers optimize each connection for speed with 10 Gbps connectors, unlimited bandwidth, throttling protection, and lightweight protocols.

Why You Need a Fast VPN

Seamless Streaming Without Buffering

You need at least 25 Mbps to comfortably watch any HD TV show or sporting event online. Anything less than that and buffering delays or low video resolution could ruin the fun. Use PIA’s servers to reach speeds well above the required minimum and stream Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and much more without interruptions.

High-Speed P2P Downloads

Nobody wants to wait hours for a torrent which should take less than 10 minutes to download. PIA supports high-speed torrenting in any client, and doesn’t cap your bandwidth, speed, or data. You can also enable port forwarding and establish a direct connection between your device and the seeder. As a result, you significantly cut your download speeds — even if you have multiple torrents going at once.

Low-Ping Online Gaming

High latency and ISP throttling make you vulnerable to game-breaking lags. Connecting to PIA can lower your ping, giving you more responsive gameplay on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and more. PIA also prevents your ISP from throttling your perfect sniping streak, even if you max out your bandwidth with cloud gaming.

PIA’s Top Fastest VPN Features

10 Gbps Infrastructure

10 Gbps Infrastructure

Connect to PIA’s servers to enjoy consistently fast speeds for flawless HD streaming.

Global Server Reach

Global Server Reach

Get an IP address from 154 cities in 91 countries, including all 50 US states.

Fast Protocols

Fast Protocols

Choose OpenVPN or WireGuard® for blazing-fast speeds and lightweight yet secure protection.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited Bandwidth

Use as much data as you want — we’ll never slow you down or restrict your usage in any way.

Ad and tracker blocking

Ad and tracker blocking

Filter out ads, trackers, and malware to free up bandwidth and speed up site rendering.

No Logs Policy

Unlimited Device Connections

Connect an unlimited number of devices simultaneously with just one PIA subscription.

Choose The Plan That's Right For You

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Why Choose PIA?

VPN Expertise

10+ Years VPN Experience

Browse in confidence knowing PIA has a long reputation for privacy protection online.

100% Transparency

No Logs Policy

Rest assured we’ll never monitor or log what you do with your PIA connection — ever.

24/7 Customer Support

24/7 Customer Support

Reach out to our team via email or live chat if you need more information about getting the fastest VPN.


It’s impossible to crown 1 VPN as the fastest since its speeds depend on multiple external factors. Things like your ISP speeds, physical location, the server you choose, your device’s hardware, and more play a vital role in moving your data.

That being said, a VPN still needs to have certain features to allow for fast data transfer. All of PIA’s VPN servers run 10 Gbps network connections and come with no bandwidth or data restrictions. This means you can get the most out of every connection you choose.

Free VPNs are rarely fast. You might get lucky if you connect to one when it’s at low capacity, but in general, free VPNs don’t invest in high-speed technology, infrastructure, or software. Using them for streaming, gaming, or torrenting will likely waste your time and leave you disappointed.

This isn’t the case with PIA VPN. Our global network of NextGen servers uses the latest technology, including 10 Gbps connectors and the WireGuard® protocol. This streamlines your internet speeds and allows for easy browsing, binge-watching, and much more. PIA also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can test it out completely risk free!

When selecting a VPN, look for a global server network equipped with the latest connectors and VPN protocols. You also want to avoid data and bandwidth caps. Extra features, like split tunneling and an ad blocker, help free up necessary resources and boost your speeds.

Unlike most VPNs, PIA lets you customize your connection and optimize it for top speeds. Reach out to our 24/7 Customer Support if you’d like more information on which settings to adjust.

A fast VPN is necessary if you want to binge-watch TV shows, eliminate lag from gaming, and torrent files in no time.

Not every fast VPN is created equal though. Some do better at offering seamless streaming, others focus mostly on quick downloads. PIA offers some of the world's fastest VPN speeds for all of your online activities, from shopping to streaming. Connect to one of our servers and see for yourself!

To some extent, yes. A VPN encrypts your data which inevitably creates some lag — it’s a small price to pay for your privacy. However, premium VPNs are much better at mitigating speed loss than their competitors.

PIA VPN maximizes your connection’s potential. This means minimal speed drops, lightweight VPN protocols, and the lowest latency possible on every server. Whether you download VPN apps from PIA on your PC, phone, or smart TV, you’ll see the same results, making it easy to get the fastest speeds for all your needs.

In certain situations, yes. VPN encryption hides your data from your ISP, so it can’t throttle your speeds based on your activity. This maintains faster connections without sudden dips, buffering, lags, or other interruptions.

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