Defeat Gaming Lag with the Best VPN for PS4 and PS5

PIA VPN gives you the best digital loadout to defeat your gaming enemies.

  • Get low ping and lightning-fast gaming speeds
  • Play new games before they’re released in your country
  • Hide your IP address and block DDoS attacks
Defeat Gaming Lag with the Best VPN for PS4 and PS5

Ultimate PlayStation Gaming with PIA VPN

Gaming online could expose your PlayStation data and location. You may also have to deal with DDoS attacks, network blocks, and slow connections. PIA blasts through these barriers and levels up your gaming life.

Set up PIA VPN on PlayStation in 3 Steps

Reducing ping and hiding your data on your PlayStation is a piece of cake. In just a few simple steps, you’ll have lag-free gaming protection. This method works with any PlayStation including PS4 and PS5.

Step 1

Sign up for Private Internet Access

Step 2

Set up PIA on your router

Step 3

Choose a server & start playing PlayStation

Select Your Virtual Location

Select Your Virtual Location

Connect to one of 154 virtual locations in 91 countries worldwide. This gives you access to games before they’re released in your country, and lets you join servers restricted in your region.

Fast Speeds for Instant Gaming

Lag is the ultimate boss for gamers. High ping makes online games laggy, which can be disastrous at key moments. Our VPN network uses 10 Gbps network connectors and short routes to ensure you always benefit from low ping and lag-free gaming.

Fast Speeds for Instant Gaming
Open-source VPN protocols

Get Ultimate Playstation VPN Protection

PlayStations don’t support VPNs, so your best bet is to install PIA on your router. This protects every device on your network. You can also install our apps for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. Connect on unlimited devices per subscription.

PIA’s Top PlayStation VPN Features

Your PIA subscription comes with all the features you need to get a lightning-fast connection while staying safe from malicious third-parties.

No Logs Policy
High Level Encryption
Unlimited Bandwidth
Open Source Transparency
24/7 Customer Support

How to Play PlayStation with a Router VPN

Install PIA VPN on your router to protect your entire network at once, including your PlayStation. The router will automatically route all internet traffic coming from your console and other connected devices through a secure, encrypted tunnel.

Step 2

Buy a router, preferably a FlashRouter.

Step 3

If you buy a FlashRouter, follow the instructions included with it.

Step 4

For any other router, follow the steps on this page.

Choose The Plan That's Right For You

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$11.95 per month

1 Year


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All amounts are shown in USD, and any discounts reflect a reduction based on the current monthly service pricing at $11.95 per month.


Yes, but you’ll need to do a little setup. PlayStation doesn’t natively support VPNs, so the best way to protect your console is to install PIA on your router. Simply change your virtual location on your router, and access restricted content and servers from your PlayStation. You can also install it on your PC and then tether the connection or use PIA’s Smart DNS.

If you’re just looking to hide your IP address and change virtual location without encrypting your connection, our Smart DNS feature works on PlayStation too.

Possibly, yes. Our high-speed server network is optimized for gaming and streaming. We find the fastest route from your access point to your gaming server to give you the lowest possible ping. This is essential for reducing lag, improving response times, and making your game run smoothly.

Furthermore, encrypting your traffic means hiding it from your ISP, which means they can’t throttle your speed because you’re gaming. Reach out to our 24/7 Customer Support team if you have questions about increasing your gaming speeds.

No. You’re not breaking any rules by using a VPN for PS4 or PS5. You aren’t hurting other players, and you aren’t gaining an unfair advantage when you reduce your lag. Of course, we don’t condone using a PlayStation VPN to violate user agreements or in-game rules (this could get you banned). Go ahead and subscribe to PIA VPN to use your VPN without worries.

The biggest benefit is reducing ping, which in turn reduces lag. Your game will run more smoothly, and you won’t have to worry about stuttering messing up your great Fortnite plays.

A gaming VPN also gives you great protection against DDoS attacks. By hiding your IP address, and absorbing the brunt of the attack, PIA servers let you enjoy your game without being slowed down or frozen out.

All of them! Even though consoles aren’t natively compatible with VPNs, you can use PIA with all of them when you install our VPN on your router. This allows you to protect your entire network, including your Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, or any other device.

A single PIA subscription lets you connect on unlimited devices simultaneously, and your router only counts as one device - no matter how many devices are connected to it. Secure all your tech at home and on the go, or give your family and friends cutting-edge protection.

You can configure most routers to use a VPN, it’s not hard. Check out our knowledge base or reach out to our 24/7 customer support team if you have questions.

Your best bet is to buy a VPN-compatible FlashRouter. These are routers already configured for a VPN. You can even buy one with PIA pre-installed. They require little setup, giving you a quick plug-and-play solution for PlayStation.

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