Earn Your Bragging Rights with an Xbox VPN

  • Avoid lag and unstable connections
  • Hide your IP and dodge DDoS attacks
  • Change your Xbox region
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
Earn Your Bragging Rights with an Xbox VPN

How to Set Up a VPN for Xbox in 3 Steps

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Step 1

Sign up for Private Internet Access

Connect to one of our 154 server locations

Step 2

 Set up PIA on your router or virtual router

Start playing Dead by Daylight with no lag

Step 3

Connect to a server and start gaming

Why You Need a VPN for Xbox

Fast Speeds

Fast Speeds

Whether you’re playing the latest Call of Duty game or downloading a massive update to Starfield, you’ll need fast speeds and a stable connection. A VPN can provide that stable connection, and even improve your ping by allowing you to route your traffic through a server that’s close to the game servers.

PIA VPN can do all that while hiding your IP address and encrypting all of your data all at once.

No Bandwidth Throttling

Some ISPs like to throttle game downloads and even regular traffic to game servers. Whether you’re sweating your way through an intense Halo match or sailing the high seas in Sea of Thieves, you don’t deserve that.

Once again, the combination of rerouting and encrypting your traffic is the answer. PIA VPN makes it impossible for your ISP to know what you’re doing, so you can bypass content-based throttling.

No Bandwidth Throttling
DDoS Attack Protection

DDoS Attack Protection

Xbox is known for its emphasis on multiplayer games, and the competition can get intense. Unfortunately, that competitive spirit isn’t always relegated to the game itself. The best defense against DDoS attacks from salty players is to hide your IP address.

PIA VPN hides your IP effectively, so you never have to worry about being kicked out of a game due to a sore loser.

Play Xbox Games Anywhere

Have you ever waited patiently for a new game's launch date only to find out that Xbox players in other countries would get to play it before you do? Well, you can fix that. PIA has VPN servers in 91 countries, which means you can get early access to all kinds of games and DLC.

Just connect to a server location in the country of your choice and get to playing. If you happen to use your Xbox as your TV/streaming machine, you'll also find this worldwide network coverage very useful.

Play Xbox Games Anywhere
How to Install PIA VPN on Xbox Without a Computer

How to Install PIA VPN on Xbox Without a Computer

When you want to use a VPN with any major console, you'll have to configure the VPN on your modem or router. If you want to play your Xbox games in another region, you'll need to make sure you have a router that supports VPNs.

Then you'll need to configure your router via its admin page, connect to the server location you want, and only then can you start playing. PIA VPN works great on routers, and we provide comprehensive setup guides.

Can You Use a VPN for Xbox Cloud Gaming?

Absolutely! In fact, you’ll probably have to at some point. While Xbox Cloud, also known as xCloud, is one of the best options for playing your console games on any device, it’s also only available in the US, the UK, and South Korea. If you’re traveling outside of those countries, you’ll need to use a VPN to access your games.

PIA has a 10-Gbps network, making it a seriously fast VPN. You can always count on a smooth VPN connection for gaming and streaming.

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Yes, you can. In fact, it’s highly recommended to use a VPN to secure your connection, potentially lower your ping, and generally create a more stable connection to game servers. You’ll need to pick a server location that’s close to the data centers for the games you’ll be playing, but then you’re good to go.

However, unlike with PC games, you’ll need to configure your VPN on your router or modem. PIA works on a wide variety of routers, so check out our guides to get started.

Absolutely. You’ll still need to configure your VPN via your router, but the exact same techniques that work for the Xbox Series X and Series S will work for the Xbox One.

If you’re having any trouble at all, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Support team. They’re available 24/7 on our live chat system and via email. They’ll quickly get you sorted.

Any VPN that can be configured on your router or modem could work, but PIA is the best gaming VPN. We have servers in 91 countries, a 10-Gbps network, and industry-standard security.

It’s everything you’ll need to game at high speeds, with low ping, and generally increased safety.

Xbox itself does not block VPNs at all. Of course, it doesn’t support VPNs directly, which is why you’ll have to configure the VPN on your router or modem. It’s not a painful process once you know the basics, though.

Just be sure to choose a VPN server that’s close to the game servers on which you want to play.

Most free VPNs have issues with security and slow speeds. On top of that, they often have very few server locations. In short, they usually fail at everything you want out of a gaming VPN. Some will go so far as to sell your data.

PIA’s wide server coverage, great prices, and emphasis on security make it a much better option.

Not much! You can start with a subscription that costs per month. However, if you pay for three years at once, PIA only costs per month, providing substantial savings.

But you don’t have to commit if you don’t want to. With our 30-day money-back guarantee, you can try PIA VPN risk-free, and make sure it works with your Xbox and every game you want to play.

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