PIA With WireGuard® — A Faster, More Reliable VPN

WireGuard® is a hyper-efficient, open-source VPN protocol that runs on around 4,000 lines of code (instead of the 100,000+ lines of code common to other protocols). This means you get:

  • A faster, more reliable VPN
  • Stronger connection stability
  • Easily auditable source code
VPN with wireguard

What Makes WireGuard® VPN Protocol Different?

Highly Efficient & Lightweight

WireGuard® has been designed to be extremely efficient. It operates on around 4,000 lines of code, which, when compared to other VPN protocols like OpenVPN (which operates on around 400,000 lines of code) is remarkably lightweight.

Wireguard VPN protocol explained
Fast and optimized code

Faster & More Reliable

As a streamlined VPN protocol with performance-optimized code, WireGuard® is significantly faster and more reliable than other VPN protocols — giving you a major boost to your connection speeds and stability.

Open-Source Customization

Because WireGuard® is fully open source, we’ve customized it to fit into our award-winning VPN service. Putting it alongside our no-usage-logs privacy protection, PIA's users get complete peace of mind knowing that their VPN is safe, fast, and private.

open source customization

It’s Easy To Get Started 

Step 1

Purchase your plan

Step 2

Download the app

Step 3

Turn on PIA VPN

Benefits Of Using A VPN

PIA acts like a safety buffer between your device and the websites or applications you connect to.

  • An extra layer of protection
  • Internet traffic is concealed
  • Your IP address is concealed
  • Less easily tracked
  • Thousands of server locations
  • Access your favorite content
  • No extra protection
  • Internet traffic is visible
  • Your IP address is exposed
  • Can easily be tracked
  • Physical location only
  • Content may be blocked or censored
protected by vpn
Without VPNWith VPN
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One Subscription Covers All Your Devices

Install PIA on unlimited devices simultaneously with only one subscription.

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Frequently Asked Questions

PIA’s implementation of WireGuard® is available on all clients and applications. This includes PIA apps for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

WireGuard® eliminates bloated code bases common to other VPN protocols like OpenVPN for a much faster, more streamlined VPN experience.

Yes. WireGuard® has a more efficient code base, which means there are fewer opportunities for leaks, bugs, or errors. WireGuard® also uses the latest VPN encryption standards, making it even more secure than older protocols using older standards.

Open source means that the software’s source code is public and free for anyone and everyone to inspect and analyze. This increases the overall security of the software, as its open to public scrutiny. Open sourcing is a very important practice when dealing with sensitive data, like personal internet data, so open-source VPN protocols like WireGuard® help users trust that their sensitive data isn’t being mishandled.

Open-source software is often regarded as being particularly safe and trustworthy. This is because if there were any security or privacy concerns, they would be plainly visible to anyone who inspects the publicly available code. When a company uses open-source software, it sends the message that they have nothing to hide. Conversely, using closed-source software can sometimes be seen as conspicuous, but this is not necessarily the case as many businesses prefer to keep the code behind their proprietary software a secret. Private Internet Access is proud to be one of the few VPN services committed to open sourcing all of our VPN apps and using top-rated, open-source VPN protocols like WireGuard®.

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