Open-Source Transparency

From 100% open-source VPN apps to 100% open-source VPN protocols, PIA is the most transparent and trustworthy VPN provider. Feel free to inspect any of our code, and confidently know that we’re keeping our promise to protect your digital privacy.

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What Does Open Source Mean?

PIA is one of the only top VPN providers that offers 100% open-source VPN apps, which means the code is publicly available for anyone to inspect and analyze. It’s our way of saying that we have nothing to hide — but you don’t have to trust us, you can check for yourself!

  • PIA client source code is publicly available
  • Open-sourced code decreases risk of vulnerabilities
  • Anyone can scrutinize or verify the code
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Open-Source VPN Protocols

Along with our open-source VPN apps, PIA uses WireGuard® and OpenVPN — two of the most popular open-source VPN protocols — to offer our customers complete transparency.


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WireGuard® protocol
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Open-source softwarexxx
24/7 live support
Advanced split tunnelingxxx
Ad & malware blocking
WireGuard® protocol
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*Data collected in August 2021 **Comparing two-year plans for PIA, Surfshark, and NordVPN. ExpressVPN one-year plan is the longest available.

Support For WireGuard®

WireGuard® is an incredibly efficient, open-source VPN protocol that only uses around 4,000 lines of code instead of the 100,000+ lines of code common to other protocols. That gives you:

  • A streamlined VPN experience
  • Easily auditable code
  • The fastest VPN protocol available
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Frequently Asked Questions

Open source means that the software’s source code is public and free for anyone and everyone to inspect and analyze. Open source generally refers to computer programs that are made publicly available. All of PIA’s apps and clients are open source, meaning they’re all open to the public for inspection via our GitHub page.

We’re one of the few VPN services committed to providing open-source VPN apps. Open-source software is highly regarded as being extremely trustworthy because if there were any security or privacy concerns, they would be plainly visible to the public. When a company uses open-source software, it essentially sends the message that there is nothing to hide. Conversely, using proprietary or closed-source software can sometimes be seen as conspicuous.

With 10+ years of expertise leading the VPN industry, Private Internet Access has become one of the best-reviewed and highest-rated VPN services in existence. Our VPN service is incredibly reliable, we have an expert-level support team standing by 24/7, and our 30-day money-back guarantee lets you try PIA VPN with complete peace of mind.

We believe trust is such an important consideration when choosing a VPN provider, that’s why all of PIA’s VPN apps are 100% open-source – we've really got nothing to hide! And we only use the best open-source VPN protocols like WireGuard and OpenVPN.

Some other VPN companies claim that USA VPNs are ‘compromised’ because of a secret link to the NSA or some other government boogeyman, but of course this is nonsense. We have a strict no-usage-logs policy that has been tested and proven true (multiple times) in court – we're 100% focused on preserving and protecting our users’ privacy. It’s because we’re a US-based company that we are guaranteed Constitutional protections from government overreach. We are proud to be based in the United States – it allows us the liberty we need to fight for the world’s right to digital privacy and online freedom.

For starters, all our VPN apps are 100% open source — something very few other VPN services do. PIA’s VPN also happens to be the most configurable and customizable VPN in existence, giving you virtually unlimited control over your connection and settings. And PIA works with all major streaming platforms so you can access all of your favorite sites and services. We have features like advanced split tunneling, firewall-based leak protection, built-in ad blocking, variable encryption settings, traffic obfuscation, and even a VPN snooze clock (see more features here). Our user interface has been designed for maximum ease of use and we maintain a rock-solid network of servers all over the world. In short, Private Internet Access offers the most flexible, the most functional, and the most secure VPN service on the planet.

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