Posted on Mar 8, 2017 by Caleb Chen

These are the 23 Senators that introduced a bill to let telecoms sell your private internet history

internet history privacy challenged in senate

Protection of your Internet history is up in the air thanks to new, pending legislation. A new bill coming before Senate aims to completely dismantle the FCC’s ability to enact data security or online privacy protections for consumers under the powers of the Congressional Review Act. Senate Joint Resolution (S.J.Res 34) was introduced by Arizona Senator Jeff Flake and cosponsored by 23 other Senators. Its goal is to remove all the hard-earned net neutrality regulations gained to protect your internet history from advertisers and and worse. Specifically, the FCC had been able to prevent internet service providers (ISPs) from spying on your internet history, and selling what they gathered, without express permission. This legal protection on your internet history is currently under attack thanks to these 23 Senators and lots of ISP lobbying spend. While S.J.Res 34 has support from two dozen Republican Senators, Senators willing to champion the privacy of Americans’ internet history have also come out of the woodwork.

The House version of this bill is H.J.Res 86.

These 23 Senators want to let your internet history be sold

The list of 23 Senators cosponsoring this bill, including Senator Jeff Flake, is:

– John Barrasso (R-Wyo.)
– Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.)
– Roy Blunt (R-Mo.)
– John Boozman (R-Ark.)
– Shelly Moore Capito (R-W.Va.)
– Thad Cochran (R-Miss.)
– John Cornyn (R-Texas)
– Tom Cotton (R-Ark.)
– Ted Cruz (R-Texas)
– Deb Fischer (R-Neb.)
– Orrin Hatch (R-Utah)
– Dean Heller (R-Nev.)
– James Inhofe (R-Okla.)
– Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.)
– Mike Lee (R-Utah)
– Rand Paul (R-Ky.)
– Pat Roberts (R-Kan.)
– Marco Rubio (R-Fla.)
– Richard Shelby (R-Ala.)
– Dan Sullivan (R-Ala.)
– John Thune (R-S.D.)
– Roger Wicker (R-Miss.)
– Jerry Moran (R-Kan.)

Some politicians understand that S.J.Res 34 is a step back for Internet privacy

Today, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai appeared before the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee for a hearing about Oversight of the FCC. While online privacy was not much on the agenda, it was very much on the minds of many Senators that oppose the end of net neutrality. Afterwards, according to PC World’s Grant Gross, Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey said:

“I fear [the privacy rollback] is just a preview of coming attractions. Big broadband companies don’t want to give consumer privacy protections the attention they deserve.”

Senator Markey also issued a statement specifically against Senator Flake’s resolution blocking FCC regulation of ISPs:

“Consumers will have no ability to stop Internet service providers from invading their privacy and selling sensitive information about their health, finances, and children to advertisers, insurers, data brokers or others who can profit off of this personal information, all without their affirmative consent.”

In a separate statement, Hawaiian Senator Brian Schatz said:

“If this [resolution] is passed, neither the FCC nor the FTC will have clear authority when it comes to how Internet service providers protect consumers’ data privacy and security.”

The end goal of passing ISP regulation onto the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will require further Congressional action, another privacy damaging step that is inevitably coming this year. Private Internet Access is supporting the EFF in calling all Americans to heed the call: “Don’t let Congress Undermine Our Online Privacy.” When S.J.Res 34 comes to a vote, make sure to take note of which Senators vote which way. It is important to hold politicians accountable for their stances and their actions.

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Editor’s note: Senator Ron Johnson is listed as a cosponsor twice by Senator Flake’s official announcement of S.J.Res 34 on his website. There are only 23 Senators sponsoring this bill.

About Caleb Chen

Caleb Chen is a digital currency and privacy advocate who believes we must #KeepOurNetFree, preferably through decentralization. Caleb holds a Master's in Digital Currency from the University of Nicosia as well as a Bachelor's from the University of Virginia. He feels that the world is moving towards a better tomorrow, bit by bit by Bitcoin.

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  • Tom Reale

    Dan Sullivan is from Alaska, not Arkansas. Unfortunately.

    • John

      Only difference is that it’s colder in Alaska.

    • “If this [resolution] is passed, neither the FCC nor the FTC will have clear authority when it comes to how Internet service providers protect consumers’ data privacy and security.”

  • TravMac

    Probably a lot of bullshit clogging the drain of the swamp. Hopefully will get cleared soon. Fucking vampires. As much as I hate Trump, he was right about Washington being full of special interests.

    • Matt

      Under Obama, the FCC passed new rules to restrict Internet providers from sharing users information with 3rd parties without the users consent. However, Trump’s new FCC chairman has removed those restrictions. So much for draining the swamp….

      • TravMac

        Yep. It’s his bullshit clogging the drain.

    • Fred_Evil

      Trump IS the swamp. He is corruption incarnate.

      • Trump is “the swamp’s” biggest defender.

    • TopDeadCenter

      You seriously need to read the bio of every single one of his cabinet pics, and then re-evaluate your perception that the swamp is being drained. There isn’t a single one of them who hasn’t worked for some type of special interest group in the past.

      • TravMac

        Lol. Sarcasm much? He’s the bullshit clogging the drain.

        • TopDeadCenter

          It’s hard for me to disseminate between sarcastic Trump comments and real ones because they all sound completely ridiculous to me, lol.

          • TravMac

            Totally understood. I feel sorry for comedians too. They literally can’t make the stuff up that comes out of Trump’s tweets and Spicer’s mouth.

            Caveat: SNL has done an amazing job so far.

  • piltdown

    “He believes that the world is moving towards a better tomorrow, bit by bit by Bitcoin.”

    I can’t take the author seriously now.

    • JAFischer

      I think you meant this for another article.

      • guest

        It’s quoted from the author’s profile text.

    • marmot1101

      Ad hominum attack much?

      • disqusreqiresaname

        this isnt ad hominem; this is a criticism of ideologies. is it irrelevant to the article? kind of, however it is not ad hominem.

        journalistic integrity is important, as bias in any direction on the authors part can (and unfortunately does) often lead to biased, incomplete, or downright deceitful reporting. the ideologies of an author are likely to lead them to suggest opinions, rather than report facts.

        this article does suggest that readers hold opinions and take stances, which isnt very objectively-good reporting. i agree with the messages in the article, but they are quite obviously biased towards consumer-friendly regulations.

        suggesting that the authors beliefs (in this case an assumed faith in decentralized currencies) influence their stance and the opinions they suggest is not ludicrous.

        of course, this is assuming that piltdown means they cant take the author seriously because of their beliefs. they may be saying they cant take them seriously because ‘bit by bit by bitcoin’ is a tad bit corny.

        • marmot1101

          “Journalistic integrity” is an awfully wide justification to attack the author rather than the content. That is exactly ad hominem. The author’s stance on bitcoin has no direct impact on the substance of the article.

          Furthermore the author does state an opinion, but also provides primary sources, in particular the bill itself. Not all reporting must be objective.

  • John Jaingle

    I am shocked to see Rand Paul on that list. I liked him and his father. Now he can go to hell with Clinton.

    • Greg

      Of course Rand Paul is on that list. This is exactly the kind of policy he advocates: removing regulations, even if those regulations protect people. Rand Paul doesn’t want the government meddling in your life. He also doesn’t want the government meddling with corporations to stop them from meddling in your life.

      If this surprises you, then you never understood Rand Paul, his father, or the politicians like them.

      • Scientific Squirrel

        And someone will offer a service that promises NOT to sell your data on all TOR routers for 5 dollars more a month…and people will buy it.

        Thats how markets work.

        But today you don’t get TOR routers because its more expensive.

        • Scientific Squirrel

          And the govt sits on the backbone eavesdropping on your packets.

          Rand Paul is consumer driven.

          Govt protection isn’t always protective of technology.

          ATT monopoly prevented new phones for over 50 years.

          Packet encapsulation capability has existed since the 40s.

          Lamar the actress holds the patent on it.

    • Mike

      How can you be shocked, he is part of the party for the haves and don’t want others to have

      • Scientific Squirrel

        The govt is NOT about you having that is for sure.

    • Robert Kerns

      How about all these Republican sell outs can go to hell along with Paul Rand!

  • John

    If you use OpenDNS, your ISP really doesn’t know anything about your online activity.

    • Scott V

      That is not true at all, just because you dont use their DNS servers, all traffic runs through their network, hence why your external IP resides inside your ISP’s subnet.

    • Scott V

      Sorry about posting info without additional info, the only way around this is to use a VPN connection with end to end encryption.

    • Huck

      This is not true. Your ISP will still see your internet activity even if you use a different name server. Your computer goes through your modem and the next several hops belong to your ISP. They can track what your requested destination is.

  • novictim

    Look at those shameful Republicans that Trump is being forced to work with. These folks on the list are the opposite of POPULISTS. Trump needs Democrats to come to his side especially when he needs support for TARIFFS and reviving the American Industrial Sector/MAGA.

    Democrats, I supported Bernie and then switched to Trump. There are millions of folks just like me who don’t see the party affiliation as central but who want an America First policy that is good for American Workers, the refuse of the world be damned! Come over to The Donald! He needs the Pro-Worker Democrats in his coalition.

    • Jill Anne McVey

      what the hell does any of this have to do with rolling back internet privacy?
      stop threadshitting.

      • novictim

        I am pointing out that the folks that are Anti-Populist are the folks the Democrats are forcing Trump to have to work with. This list is all Republican.

    • crlyon

      I’d be happy to join the Trump side if he supported even a fraction of the policies that Bernie did. Trump 100% supports this Senate resolution, and his FCC appointee has made clear that he intends to completely squash all policies and regulations that come close to net neutrality.

      Trump’s entire populist platform is a ruse. Many of his closest advisors and cabinet picks are picked straight from the Goldman Sachs executive office and resolutions like this and the recent financial regulation repeals are just the start of a massive shift of power and wealth to big business and global elites he pretended to be fighting against.

      • novictim

        “Open Borders is a Koch Brothers Program” – Bernie Sanders.

        • Shirley Lane

          Can you show us where his policy is reverting to anything even close to public good?

          • novictim

            Actually, Shirley, that would be the chore of those who advocate for open borders to prove their case that mass illegal immigration is a net benefit for this generation and generations to come.

            For, as you know, it is impossible to prove a negative and that is why the burden of proof is on those making positive, not negative, claims.

            I will say this though. Since Reagan’s amnesty the US Work force has seen little to no wage advancement, rise in purchasing power and the gap between rich and poor as grown. Cheap labout/(oversupply of labour) in the setting of limited jobs is bound to do that based on a classical understanding of economics. There has been 3+ decades of no real wage increase. This is a problem.

    • Linda Reid

      overdose alert …you drank too much of the kool-aid and you have stopped all reasonable thinking. You don’t really believe that “The Donald really cares about the American Worker. His cabinet is made up of Reitbart,Wall Street …and Goldman Sax big shots …men that never really did one day of hard labor….sat in executive offices of banks and insurance companies …led up hedge funds to make themselves richer. They get all the tax break and you get your pensions sold out from under you. You get to be unemployed …you get to work for less than half of what you used to make and are expected to thank him. He wont ever raise the minimum wage yet he gives the very rich 200 thousand dollar tax break. Open your eyes . He betrays America to please Russia …for money and the right to do business with them. So he can get richer. Not to enrich your life or the lives of people you care about.He pretends to care about Veterans but didnt listen to them when they wanted the same guy in charge of Veteran’s affairs.He has allotted nothing to aid Military families. Donald Trump cares about Donald Trump …you are just important at election time .

      • novictim

        Raising the minimum wage is a BAD way to raise wages. The way the US raised up a middle-class was not by minimum wages! Come on! You use supply and demand curves to generate wage growth.

        The way you raise wages is that you restrict cheap labour, stop what Bernie called the “Koch Brothers Program” of open borders and H1B visa scabs, and you force industry back to the USA (and thus increase job demand) via the return to TARIFFS which once were a mainstay of US Trade policy for over 200years.

        And all you have is a tribal affiliation with the Democrat Party and insults about kool aide? It is you who know too little making you vulnerable to bad ideas.

        • DavidChicago

          Yeah, actually the middle class was largely built on Union labor, which, by the way WAS minimum wage. Check your history of labor in the 50’s and 60’s

          • novictim

            BINGO! I totally agree. And FDR kicked out the Mexican laborers in the American South West. Don’t leave that out of the equation.

            Limiting the workforce and allowing for collective bargaining in the setting of TARIFFS = MIDDLE CLASS.

            All of those features are required to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Write to President Trump and remind him that Union labour was a key to his victory.

        • Pierre-Antoine Winter-Samary

          How can you expect people like those that Trump chose to work with, people who have always been great promoters of globalization, how can you expect one single second those people to bring work back to the US and to care about US workers?

          • novictim

            ” how can you expect one single second those people to bring work back to the US”

            I don’t expect “those people” to do that. I expect the WALL and Border Enforcement and the reinstatement of TARIFFS to raise up the prosperity of the American work force. Those policies are what have to happen for MAGA to occur. TARIFFS and the limiting of labour to Americans is the key.

            Did Trump choose the folks who will get that done? Maybe. Maybe not. But your intransigence as a Democrat to any policy with Trump’s name attached is an evil. It is a substitution of tribalism for principles. I hope you can see that and be the change you demand of others.

    • sparkeyjames

      The first mistake you made was in thinking that Hillary was not pro worker and that’s why we have Trump who can’t seem to find his ass with both hands and a road map and all thanks to you you stupid arsed berniebro.

      • novictim

        > Hillary was not pro worker

        Hillary was “pro” just one thing and that was Pro-Hillary. You would have to be blind not to see the past 4 decades of neoLiberalism as anything other than anti-American Worker.

        • sparkeyjames

          I can see that your delusion is deep seated. If you even half assed an investigation into Hillary you’d have found your claim not to be true.

          • novictim

            She was pushing open borders, Globalism, and the TPP. Hillary = Bill = Obama = Jeb = George = Ryan on the topic of pushing globalism and corporatism. What you folks are engineering is a self fulfilling prophecy of Trump working with the worst corporatists, The Republicans, the people who AlSO opposed him. Instead of extending an olive branch on issues we should have mutual agreement on, you crafted a Hitler narrative about Trump which now prevents you from seeing what might be in your own best interests.
            It is tragic.

            RNC = DNC. They are playing Good Cop/Bad Cop. If that has not yet occurred to you then I hope it will sometime soon.

          • TopDeadCenter

            Keep spinning, imposter.

          • sparkeyjames

            Shut up Trumper you’re all lies and so is your billionaire anti-hero.

          • Scientific Squirrel

            Let me know when you figure out Bill Clintons Skull and Bones mentor after college was HW Bush.

          • sparkeyjames

            Let me know when you figure out that we were talking about Hillary.

        • Matthew Klumper

          Novictim is not a Bernie supporter and never has been. He thinks that he can play the part and try to get millennials to go along with Trump’s auctioning of America to the highest bidder because he seems to think that they don’t have a grasp of the issues at hand or an understanding of the bullshit that Trump is trying to pull.

          You sir, are a complete imposter, and no one believes your bullshit. Go try to sell the virtues of Trumpism somewhere else.

          • novictim

            Speaking like you know me when you don’t makes you the imposter.

          • TopDeadCenter

            noun: imposter
            a person who pretends to be someone else in order to deceive others, especially for fraudulent gain.

    • DavidChicago

      Democrats support Trump?. I”m thinking when hell freezes over. Trump is in the processes of burning everything that the Democrats stand for, safety net, lower student loans, health care, and then he accuses Obama of a Felony. Get real, Donald will burn you up just as well.

      • novictim

        “Democrats stand for”

        Open Borders? Islamization? The out-sourcing of Jobs? H1B Visa throat cutting of the professional classes?

        Why the hell would any decent American support any of these things? The DNC is RNC lite. Trump is not either of these. The sooner you drop your tribal affiliations and identify what is actually good for your fellow Americans, the better.

  • Tin Man

    Fake Post!

    • Benjamin Jason Tift

      fake post? no this is a real bill and those named above really did sponsor it. I can understand your problem Tin Man, your a trump voter and you hate how he’s raping you. Shhh it’s ok snowflake just remember You wanted this all of it.

    • VicVet

      Fake Post. Did you up vote yourself? 1-0

    • Matthew Klumper

      Good lord, try using your keyboard to type something useful, like “Joint resolution 34 2017” into Google.

      Let me spare you some trouble –

      that’s a link to the condensed version, because I know you Trump supporters can’t read past the headline.

  • Martheric Sherwood

    Huge megacorporations and multinationals getting what THEY want in government over what THE PEOPLE want? My word… These upside-down commie corps need to be reigned in.

    • Fred Fredburger

      did you call corporations upside down communists? lmfao THIS is exactly the type of things corporations do when they have no one to answer to. This is pure Capitalism.

      • Plow

        Capitalism? More like corporatism… In capitalism, corporations answer to us – we bare the responsibility to make it happen through our wallets and the courts if needed. That is NOT what is happening, we currently have the corporations CONTROLLING the government because the government has power that can be purchased.

        • Pierre-Antoine Winter-Samary


          No, that is exactly what capitalism is and has always been.
          Capitalism never was accountant to the people.

          • Scientific Squirrel

            Yes it is. People buy what they sell no market? No corporation. It’s simple.

            Quasi monolpolies like this are where your rights disappear make it harder for let say encrypted isp services to start.

        • BettB

          Where there’s muck, there’s geldt. Look that up.

          Capitalism never has and never will serve the working class – or, even, other than incidentally, the middle class. The middle class has existed at the pleasure of the “upper” classes and always has.

          Where the aristocracy, or in our case the 1% – because it’s now all about how much money you have and not at all about your genetic lineage – wants to allow the middle class to exist, it will.

          But as now, where it finds the middle class an impediment, as the current administration does, the middle class – or all but the very upper echelons of it, that the upper class finds useful – will be decimated.

          • Scientific Squirrel

            Globalists believe even our welfare recipients are the 1%

            Please keep this in mind.

            Class is now global not national.

            The Globalist democrats have you yelling at yourself. You are the 1%.

  • addorange3

    The information is incomplete. Their personal home address as well as the floor plans should also be posted.

    • Abe Jacobson

      And a blueprint of my keys. You know, to get through the front door.

  • michael paiser

    & Ron Johnson from Wisconsin, needs a corn cob pounded up his ass, too ! (no KY for old Ron)

    • Shirley Lane

      Not good for those of us who have very visual images. Lol

  • sparkeyjames

    Hmm that might put a damper on things like their Alt-Right buddies. Of course Republicans never think things through they just do what their donors tell them to do.

  • Bill Metrey

    I thought that Republicans traditionally preached less government intrusion. I am believing that most of them are seriously dysfunctional.

  • True this is terrible, but you have to be prudent in what you type or follow on social media. Don’t say anything obscene, or follow back R-rated or worse Twitter sites that follow you first. For one thing, those classy cyberspace friends (including beloved Twitter Crushes) could drop you. If these right-wingers don’t like me because I’m liberal and celebrate such causes, then they need to get over it.

    • Matthew Klumper

      Go fuck yourself.

      I don’t actually mean that, I just wanted to write something obscene.

  • grandmacaesar

    Arkansas doesn’t have three senators. Dan Sullivan is from Alaska.

  • tedhayes

    Where is the bill to get Trump’s taxes released to the public?

  • cactuspie

    …enemies foreign and “domestic.” Italy dealt with their Nazis and a dictator. Does the US have what it takes?

  • Josh McGhee

    I would LOVE to see a massive rollout of Tor routers, I mean on a grade scale to the point that the majority of U.S. Internet traffic would be encrypted and obfuscated. “You want to sell out our privacy? Fine, then we’ll all take it back. What now, bitches?”

    • DavidChicago

      That is exactly what will happen. Tor routers, new browsers, the works.

  • DavidChicago

    Tell you what Senators… Let me have YOUR browsing history from all of YOUR computers (even the one you have stashed) and then we’ll talk

  • EdCoulter

    Now would be a good time to start an ISP that is committed to not collecting this data

    • Matthew Klumper

      See my post above about non-competition contracts.

      • EdCoulter

        You are right about that. What I’m thinking is a company that provides 4G LTE unlimited data plans using a compatible router or smart phones as an access point. Of course, whoever owns the cell towers could still collect and sell data. Maybe it is time for some new sort of Internet. In urban areas, a free network could be made by meshing together a bunch of wireless routers.

        • TopDeadCenter

          Mesh Networking could be a solution if it wasn’t already regulated to the point where it’s not a viable option. Last Mile ISPs have already covered their asses on that. Remember, ISPs think that government regulation is BAD unless they’re using it to eliminate or reduce competition.

          • EdCoulter

            Those bastards. Now I see why the mesh network developers are mostly in Germany.

          • TopDeadCenter

            Yep, and as for the 4G LTE -the wireless carriers have purchased the majority of that portion of the radio spectrum from the FCC. The only frequencies that you can transmit without a license have severe limitations on the amount of effective radiated power (ERP)that you can run. Even having an Amateur Radio license that allows you to run a significant amount of power limits you to non commercial traffic (AKA almost anything online)

            STEP1: Remove any chance of competition
            STEP2: Reject any legislation that might get in your way
            STEP3: $$$$$$$$$$$$$

          • EdCoulter

            STEP4: Praise the free market economy

  • Tony Da Costa

    You guys need to print out this sj res 34 so it can be read to understand what it is. We are only getting your interpretation of it. I don’t believe that all these guys would be anti-citizen as you state. there is something else here you are not emphasizing.

    • Matthew Klumper

      They aren’t “Anti-citizen” they’re Pro-Corporation.
      They believe that the government should not be able to restrict how ISP’s decide to make money. Even if it’s in a completely abhorrent manner like selling off private information, their response is always the same BS about how if consumers don’t like it they can just use another provider.

      The problem for many, is that they can’t. In rural USA most towns have a single internet/cable provider. Because the provider made the city sign a contract with them saying that they would install the distribution infrastructure if the city would restrict any other cable/internet providers from entering into the city. That sounds reasonable enough at first, but what usually happens is they give kickbacks to the city and persuade them to sign non-competition contracts over and over and over. So there’s no hope of ever getting another provider in there to drive down cost. Why do you think they usually need your address before they can quote you a price? Because they take the people who don’t have a choice for as much as they can.

      • Shirley Lane

        Because of their policies of allowing monopolization of corporations.

  • DaveTheMan

    How much where they Bribed?

    • Shirley Lane

      Yep. You can ALWAYS follow the money when and Ds or Rs make bad policy decisions for the rest of us. Always.

      • Scientific Squirrel

        This is actually the right policy choice.

        I want TOR services to be built.

  • BettB

    –It’s not a step -back- because they never had such liberty to peer into your browsing. It’s a step DOWN. More like a leap. Into hell.
    –That being said, though, know that if you’re not blocking and removing various current tracking cookies, LSO cookies, web beacons and other lovely bits of code that betray your movements online, they already know everything you do.
    –Time to learn about trackers, web beacons, blocking cookies, LSO cookies and more, as well as fight like hell against this.

    • justme

      Who do you think will win? people are so gullible, they all be sucked in by the innovation of technology, look at how they get in line for days, to buy a 700 dollar phone, the same phone that is tracking them, they do not care, they want to have it, and as this crap progresses, the surveillance gets deeper and harder to fight, we do not have any info, they keep it under control, ignorance is a bliss, we all like the net, we like to know the true, but, when and where is the limit to what they do to us, how can you fight something you do not see or know about it.

    • Scientific Squirrel

      they look today. just saying. without encryption you are actively being punked.

    • Benjamin Jason Tift

      no one cares if the isp LOOKS we care if they SELL our personal info

  • Bill Richardson

    If you have an (R) next to your name, you’re basically a piece of shit.

    • Scientific Squirrel

      Umm no.

      • Benjamin Jason Tift

        um yes

  • Andrea Talbert

    Senator Dan Sullivan is from Alaska, not Alabama.

  • Dr. Bob

    Tor + VPN = fuck you, Republicans.

    • CraKo56

      Yeah that’s kind of their point. Go to the market. The privacy protected, free internet doesn’t exist.

  • Rod Quigley

    “Net neutrality” is about privacy? Welcome to the wonderful world of the lunatic left! “Net neutrality” is about guaranteed bandwidth to a few large content companies like Netflix. So, the large companies pay your ISP for preferential treatment and increased bandwidth leaving smaller companies to choke and die on what is left. Privacy, what schmucks.

  • Joe

    I have been considering subscribing to a privacy minded VPN. I will probably sign up sooner rather than later now that I have read this.

  • Baron Indigo

    Yep, once,[if…..sigh] Trump signs it, then look out. Torrent Freak has a great list of VPNs compared. Check it out!!!