Private Internet Access No Longer Blocked in Hong Kong

Posted on Sep 11, 2019 by Chris Miller
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Private Internet Access Unblocked in Hong Kong

For the last several days, Private Internet Access servers have been blocked in Hong Kong. However, we are pleased to announce, that we have been able to successfully unblock our servers, and everything is working properly now.  To everyone in Hong Kong – stay strong, stay safe, and always use protection!

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SVP of Marketing for Private Internet Access, online privacy and freedom advocate and activist, musician, marketing geek and nature lover.

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  1. James

    So can you please explain who blocked your servers and why?

    2 months ago
  2. E

    this is odd timing. Can you provide more details on what’s transpired? If I were the Chinese government I would absolutely be interested in breaching your servers right now and then making them available in Hong Kong.

    2 months ago
  3. F. Wai

    Thanks, Mr Miller, for the good news. The chairperson of Hong Kong’s ISP industry body said earlier that there was no blocking and suggested that it could be a case of PIA’s own servers having problems. Were your services initially blocked by any Hong Kong ISPs which are now unblocked? Or was it indeed due to technical issues on your part? It would be great it you could kindly shed some light on this. Much appreciated. F.Wai, Hong Kong.

    2 months ago
  4. Mark Webb-Johnson

    We deserve an explanation as to the reason behind this. The blatantly false allegation was that this was government action and the ‘great firewall of china’ had come to Hong Kong. I expected better from PIA, and can no longer recommend your service to my fellow citizens in Hong Kong.

    2 months ago
  5. Root cause?

    2 months ago
  6. Mitchell

    Did you get unblocked or did you find another way around their firewall 🤔

    2 months ago
  7. Mayra Dreese

    OMG can you believe how Blizzard banned that guy? All he was doing was standing up for the protesters in Hong Kong! And all so Blizzard can protect their interests in China. There was a real opportunity there…

    1 month ago