We always had the real trump card: Encryption

Posted on Apr 2, 2017 by PIA Team

use encryption flickthemoff let birds fly

Encryption saves lives. The largest users of encryption have been military forces – secret messages have helped win wars, laying the foundation for the United States today. It was the trump card of the military… It was the trump card of the nation… and, as it always was and should be, encryption is we the peoples’ trump card.

encryption flickthemoff let birds fly

Encryption: Make your internet traffic go from “Hello World” to “$%!#.

Mankind created all the technologies that have shaped our world. Mankind created weapons. Mankind created laws. Mankind created books. Mankind created computers. Mankind created cameras. Mankind created the Internet.

Mankind creates technology, and of all eras thus far, we are the technology era.

We come in peace, but we come prepared.

We are the people, and we will always be ahead of those seeking to enslave us.

All people were created equal.

Government officials can create laws, but we can create technologies.

Mankind created encryption, and it makes things unreadable. Encryption exists, and all mankind will use it ?. They censor us, so we’ll censor ourselves too… from them. How do you tell someone to ^%#% off? You make it so all they see is you FLICKing them the ^%#% off.

Expect us.

And please remember, society is big, and we are one in solidarity. Just band together. We the people are the most powerful force in the world.

Hello world…

Let’s #FLICKThemOff and fly to freedom.

Ya dig?

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  1. Jan

    What about the Intel ME backdoor that makes encryption obsolete? A feature enforced in every CPU (also AMD) since 2006 that according to Intel is intended for “remote management” for enterprise companies. It provides “full unrestricted access” to a PC’s memory and network. It has it’s own dedicated CPU and OS and it is on a higher level than the user’s OS (WIndows or Linux) so that it can see everything, has full control and it remains active when the PC has been powered off.

    The backdoor exists: potential God-mode access to every PC since 2006. What’s between a hack by the Government is the company Intel.

    There are 3 ways for the Government to obtain access:

    1) Intel provides access (conspiracy)
    2) Governments hacks itself into a PC
    3) Government obtains access by regulation

    ” It can probably be presumed that Intel’s technology implements certificates for which the NSA can easily counterfeit and act as a man in the middle. (hack access method)

    Moreover, instead of conducting such covert operations it could simply overtly issue Intel an National Security Letter and hence gain complete control over any given system at any given time. (legal access method)”


    4 years ago
    1. Christian Bock

      The Intel ME is not exposed through your router. Different level of attack… different way of targeting.

      4 years ago
      1. Benny

        Hello Christian. As Jan said, the Intel ME has complete control over network and memory. It can do network requests on its own (very unlikely as this can be detected) and It can read whatever the real CPU can.

        This last bit means that a real message for the real CPU/OS can contain a hidden message for the Intel ME if some method of stenography is applied to TCP/IP (or any higher level protocol) packets. It is able to send/receive messages regardless of router’s configuration.

        4 years ago