Introducing Our Redesigned Android TV App: Faster & More User-Friendly

Posted on May 30, 2024 by Himmat Bains

We’re excited to introduce the latest update for all Private Internet Access (PIA) subscribers: our brand-new Android TV app! 

After the release of our Apple TV app, we turned our attention to improving our other TV apps. For Android lovers, protecting your digital privacy and security while streaming your favorite shows is now even more seamless and convenient with our new redesigned Android TV VPN app

Here’s what you can expect.

Now Compatible with Our Dedicated IP

One of the standout features of our new Android TV app is that you can now use your Dedicated IP while streaming securely. You can get a Dedicated IP address uniquely assigned to you as an add-on to your PIA subscription.

With a Dedicated IP, you can avoid the common disruptions that sometimes occur when streaming content over shared VPN IP addresses, such as frequent CAPTCHAs or verification requests. This means smoother, more reliable access to your favorite shows and movies. 

Improved Performance

Our engineering team is always working to improve your VPN experience. That’s why we tweaked the app to substantially reduce connection times, making your experience with PIA faster and smoother. 

The improved performance is partly thanks to our decision to utilize more of Android’s dedicated libraries specifically designed for TV interfaces rather than adapting mobile elements. This way, PIA operates at peak efficiency, ensuring you get buffer-free and streamlined movie nights! 

Redesigned User Interface (UI)

As part of our commitment to user satisfaction, we redesigned our Android TV app with a more user-friendly and accessible interface. Of course, this new UI retains the customization and features you’ve come to appreciate in our service. 

The intuitive design ensures that everything you need is just a few clicks away, from quickly changing server locations to adjusting your settings for optimal performance. This update makes it easier than ever for you to enjoy a tailored viewing experience.

Boost Your Privacy with PIA

Keeping your viewing habits private from snoopers has never been easier and more convenient. We’re excited for you to try out our latest Android TV app! With Dedicated IP support, a sleek new UI, and the same trusted security standards, we’re confident you’ll enjoy a more intuitive VPN experience while streaming.

As always, you can check under the hood of our apps by heading over to our GitHub page. We look forward to hearing your feedback.

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