Big Brother is Watching: 007 Style

Posted on May 9, 2012 by rasengan
UK Flag
UK Flag
UK Flag:  Target locked. Cameras on.

If you live in the UK, as unreal as this sounds, Big Brother is coming, and he has access to see every website you’ve ever visited, if you are not using an anonymizer, such as Tor or a VPN.  Recently, the UK and David Cameron have come under scrutiny due to a backwards censorship bill.  However, given this latest proposal, it looks like they love the spotlight, that is, putting a spotlight on people’s private activities.

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The honorable Queen of England has given a speech detailing a new Draft Communication Bill which will allow law enforcement and government officials to snoop on any UK citizens’ internet connections.  This law, should it pass, will force providers in the UK and other service platforms to log every detail of a user’s internet activity, including every website the user visits.

This is an enormous invasion of privacy.  While the FBI is currently attempting to push its own wiretapping program, the UK may beat them to the punch.  It’s not clear how quick or even if this bill will pass, but one thing is certain:  The UK and the US are going to do whatever it takes, until they can spy on you.  If you have ever made a deal, for instance, on a car and attempted to low ball a price to meet in the middle, you may see what is happening.

The unfortunate truth to all this, however, is that technology companies will leave the US and the UK.  In history, the nations who controlled the newest technologies became superpowers.  If the US and the UK continues to drive technology companies away with draconian surveillance and privacy laws, there will be consequences.

In other news, elections are coming soon in the US.


They backtracked.  While it seems like a win for Privacy, this is the technique used, once again, when you first low-ball an offer to meet in the middle when buying a car.



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  1. john

    the uk flag here is incorrect

    7 years ago
  2. Anonymous

    I cannot perceive why these laws are necessary.

    9 years ago
    1. Anony

      they are for your safety you big silly, you do want to be protected don’t you?

      8 years ago