CashU, Liberty Reserve, and OKPay Step Aside – For #VPN Sales, #Bitcoin Rules

Posted on Jul 1, 2012 by rasengan
Bitcoin and VPN
Bitcoin and VPN
Bitcoin and VPN. A match made in crypto.

It was once thought that the Internet’s most talked about deflationary crypto-currency would give way to massive hoarding and discourage spending, thus leading to a stale economy and a failure thereof.  The media had, at once, made an attempt to portray Bitcoin in a negative light, like a failure or dropout.  However, looking at Gates and Zuckerberg, when it comes to new technologies, it seems that dropouts are king — and Bitcoin is no exception.

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Change We Do Believe In
We have been watching our Bitcoin transaction count for VPN purchases rise rapidly over the past two (2) quarters.  One cannot argue the value Bitcoin brings to VPN related purchases.  Combining strong identity protection and a fair amount of anonymity helps to further boost the privacy that VPN services provide.

Every month, we have observed a steady 200% increase in Bitcoin VPN sales from the previous month.

Bitcoin VPN
Bitcoin Sales Q1 + Q2 2012

What About the Others?
On the other hand,  we haven’t seen much change amongst our other payment processors.  CashU, Liberty Reserve, and OKPay have all maintained the same or less number of sales throughout the entirety of the two (2) quarters.

According to Tony Gallippi, CEO of BitPay, the world’s best Bitcoin payment processor, “of all the payment methods on the Private Internet Access™ website, BitPay is unique.  Using our service, a merchant can accept a payment over the internet, from any country on the planet, with zero risk of fraud.  No other payment processor can offer this capability.”

Accepting Bitcoin through BitPay is beneficial for a couple of reasons.  It mitigates the currency exchange risk by automatically converting the Bitcoin into USD as well as automatically depositing the USD into our bank account. Secondly, it prevents us from becoming a target for hackers, as the Bitcoin never touches our servers. BitPay does 100% of the Bitcoin handling.

Many Positives
YCombinator also believes that Bitcoin, as an actual solution to payments, has merit.  With the combination of YC’s endorsement, the 2012 rise in Bitcoin price, the rise in Bitcoin transactions, as well as many other great investors entering the Bitcoin space, it’s quite evident that Bitcoin has accumulated serious momentum across the board.

The Take Away
Bitcoin may not yet be for everyone, but for anyone who uses a computer and takes their privacy seriously, it’s indispensable.  Give it a shot.  Buy bitcoins anonymously and spend your coins online as easily as cash, no black plastic bag required.

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  1. Monaxx

    OKPAY is the most simple and user-friendly bitcoin processing service, Bitcoin processing fees are lowered to 2.5% for a deposit/payment and 1% for a withdrawal 

    10 years ago
  2. Caitlin Roberts

    Any good VPN service should be accepting Bitcoin, unfortunately there are only a handful that do so. Thank you PrivateInternetAccess for taking your user’s personal privacy and anonymity seriously.

    11 years ago
  3. Anonymous

    Your claim that there is zero risk of fraud might need an asterisk or better, reworded.You are specifically trying to say, I believe, that there are no chargebacks, which lets the merchant avoid any risk of chargeback fraud?

    11 years ago
  4. Kenny

    i am thinking about accept bitcoin on my website as donation.  i will look at bit pay.  thanks.

    11 years ago
  5. Sunny

    Just look at the blockchain the past month.

    11 years ago