Our Commitment to Accessibility

Posted on May 18, 2023 by PIA Team

Here at Private Internet Access (PIA), our products are built upon a commitment to protecting people’s right to online privacy and to championing digital freedom for all. We include in this commitment the ambition to ensure that accessibility requirements are at the forefront of PIA’s product development, and the aspiration of always working towards greater accessibility wherever possible. We wouldn’t be able to do this without our community – an intrinsic part of our ongoing efforts – and therefore we strongly encourage feedback and participation in our accessibility journey.

Whilst some steps have already been taken to improve accessibility, especially within PIA’s VPN desktop app, we know we need to go further to ensure that our product can protect anyone and everyone – regardless of their specific needs.

The following Commitment to Accessibility sets out our intentions going forward, including the standards that we will aspire to meet and the next steps in our accessibility journey. In doing so, we hope to improve our user experience for all customers – and set a challenge to the rest of the VPN industry to follow our lead and commit to creating equal opportunity for all users to access the internet privately and securely.

Our Commitments

Product Development

We want to develop our products to be as accessible as possible. As we continue to evolve, we will put accessibility at the forefront of our considerations in order to work towards a better user experience for all.

We will continue to make sure that our VPN is as accessible as possible by making sure that any user interface changes or new features work with keyboard navigation and are compatible with screen-readers

We will regularly test PIA’s VPN desktop apps to ensure that keyboard navigation is working correctly.

We welcome feedback from users with specific accessibility requirements to help us make sure that these features are working as they should.

Website Navigation and Design

We want the level of accessibility on our website to be consistent with that of our VPN product itself. We will work to improve our site structure and navigation, including making sure that it is fully navigable with a keyboard. We want our website design to be as accessible as possible for all users and will work towards compliance with W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. We will consider factors such as font size, paragraph width, font and background colors, and adapt these where needed.


To ensure accessibility, we will always provide alternative text for non-background images, and infographics will have a transcript to be read by screen readers.

Any video that we use on our website will be able to be paused by clicking on them.  All our videos will be available on YouTube where subtitles and a transcript are available and can be turned on.


Links and buttons on our website will be labeled with clear, descriptive text, providing more information than the standard “Read more” text option, so that people with accessibility requirements have the necessary information to navigate our site.


We are committed to continually improving and evolving our accessibility efforts, and welcome any feedback to support us doing so. We want to ensure that everyone can access Private Internet Access’ services. Please feel free to contact us with any accessibility needs or suggestions.

We’re also exploring the best way for us to continue to test and monitor usability, and we want to continue to engage with advocacy groups, specialists, and people with disabilities.
Please get in touch via email: [email protected]

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