How to Buy Bitcoins Anonymously in the US, Instantly

Posted on Apr 25, 2012 by rasengan
buy bitcoins anonymously
Big Brother is Watching You

If CISPA or other privacy-busting legislations pass, every detail of our personal lives will be at risk – and you’ll want to buy Bitcoins for safety. Although many of our foundations are rooted in anonymity, everything we see, do and buy may soon be exposed. However, technology always evolves, and anonymity is no exception.

As many already know, Bitcoin is a decentralized, digital currency that can be used like cash. What many people may not already know, however, is that there is no need to hand over all of your information to an exchange to buy bitcoins. It’s already incredibly easy to buy bitcoins anonymously, in less than 10 minutes!

Update: The following is an antiquated method to buy bitcoins anonymously. Currently, the best way to buy bitcoins anonymously is still to use a VPN or Tor and use a service like described by the anonymous member of the Bitcoin community below.

How to Buy Bitcoins Online Anonymously

An anonymous member of the Bitcoin community has contributed these wonderful instructions detailing 6 simple steps to buying Bitcoins with near anonymity in the US.

• • •

Step 1.
Download and install TOR from
Step 2. 
While using TOR create a Tormail account at http://jhiwjjlqpyawmpjx.onion
You can confirm the address at
Step 3. 
While using TOR, visit
Step 4.
Choose the Cash deposit to Bitcoin to email option.
Cash Bank Deposits
Step 5.
Follow the instructions on Bitinstant to make your cash deposit, and have your Bitcoins sent to your new Tormail account.
No ID is needed.
Step 6.
Receive your Bitcoins via email.


And voila.  Now you can use your anonymous e-mail account and anonymous bitcoins to buy goods and services online, truly anonymously.


Here are a few places you can spend Bitcoins:
Private Internet Access – Anonymous VPN Service
MemoryDealers – Transceivers, Cables, and Memory
CoinDL – The iTunes of the Bitcoin economy
BitcoinDeals – The Amazon of the Bitcoin economy

A quick search of the interweb will also display the thousands upon thousands of other shops that accept Bitcoin so you can buy bitcoins then spend them.


Have any other suggestions on how to buy bitcoins, or where to spend bitcoins?  Let us know in the comments!
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  1. Cem Ozmer

    Best portal is for order btc via paypal no id verification very easy and fast

    4 years ago
  2. mico william

    hello friend join the discussion and Get BLANK ATM Programmed Card and cash money directly in any ATM Machine around you. There is no risk of being caught, because the card has been programmed in such a way that it’s not traceable, it also has a technique that makes it impossible for the CCTV to detect you and you can only withdraw a total amount of 5,000.00 USD in a day. Now email us today @ our E-mail address at:

    4 years ago
  3. Ashley Jones

    Bitcoin ATMs show some potential, but for the ones I’ve tried, a passport scan is required and you also have to add in biometrics like a palm or iris scan which seems a bit invasive to me. I just use Bitcoin Gift Card (.org) to buy BTC and pay by Paypal. It takes a few days for the BTC gift cards to arrive through the mail, but otherwise works great.

    5 years ago
  4. nonya

    How can I cash the bit coin in for cash

    5 years ago
  5. Prædonum

    Dear OP: its been a few years, how bout an update? that onion mail address is offline for good and other stuff is no longer accurate.

    5 years ago