How To Secure Your Devices Before Travelling

Posted on Dec 18, 2018 by Summer Hirst
secure devices for travelling

Research Local Laws
It’s important to know the local laws regarding internet usage, and what content may be censored. For example, if you’re travelling to China, you should know that the Chinese government is very strict about its online censorship. They actively block about 10,000 domain names, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google. =

Update your software
Update your operating system and other software so that all current bug fixes have been applied and holes are patched. This will make sure you do not accidentally download any spyware on your device. Also, be careful when using the internet or opening emails. Do not click on suspicious links.

Install a VPN
You may be blocked from installing a VPN once you land in certain countries, so it’s important to install a VPN before you being your trip. Keep in mind that not all VPNs work in every country, so you need to discuss this with your VPN service provider beforehand.

Travel clean
Don’t keep too much data on your computer or phone. Your company data or even your personal details can be used to spy on you. And once you come back home, remove everything from your device.

Use a cheap phone that you can throw away
There are chances that your phone might download spyware when you are travelling, or it could be lost or stolen. Instead of using your regular phone, buy a cheap phone and use it while you are travelling. Wipe the phone clean and throw it away BEFORE you come home, so you don’t bring any spyware back with you.

Wipe the devices when you return
Take a backup of important documents and wipe the devices clean when you come back. You can perform a factory reset on your phone and wipe the disk clean of your laptop. This will remove all malware in case it has infected your device.

These tips will go a long way to helping you keep your devices secure while travelling. Just remember to use your best internet privacy practices, as always.