Interview With Asher Tan – CoinJar

Posted on Dec 10, 2022 by Private Internet Access

PIA spoke with Asher Tan, the founder of CoinJar, about how CoinJar helps simplify the process of buying, selling, and spending cryptocurrency, some of the cybersecurity issues that are common with crypto, and some tips for crypto newbies.

Private Internet Access: Can you tell us what motivated you to start CoinJar?

Asher Tan: I started in 2013 when there was a gap in the market for ways to buy and sell bitcoin. Solutions were not user-friendly and lacked professionalism. The few exchanges that existed at that time were based in other countries, adding the complexity of transferring funds internationally.

PIA: What does CoinJar do, and what is the flagship product?

AT: CoinJar is an easy way to buy, sell and spend bitcoin and 50+ leading cryptocurrencies. We have useful features such as a debit card which allows you to spend your cryptocurrency anywhere that accepts Mastercard.

PIA: What do you love about working with cryptocurrency?

AT: There is very rarely a boring day in the industry! Many of the smartest people work in this industry and are truly passionate about the positive impact bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can make on the financial system.

PIA: What are some of the cyberthreats that are connected with trading cryptocurrency, and how does CoinJar protect its users?

AT: The most common risks afflicting crypto users are scams and phishing attempts. Like online banking, you should be vigilant online when it comes to entering your password, transferring funds, and sharing account access.

Some of the Important steps CoinJar takes as a business include strong digital infrastructure, best practice security such as Multi-Factor Authentication, and securing a majority of our cryptocurrency in offline (cold) storage.

PIA: Why do individuals and companies need a good VPN?

AT: Cryptocurrency holders are highly mobile people. When in public spaces, travelling, or staying in unfamiliar locations, VPNs provide a layer of privacy. Some companies like CoinJar have their own private VPNs for staff to ensure they have access to company resources on the go or when working from home.

PIA: What tips or advice do you have for someone looking to start using cryptocurrency?

AT: You should first understand the basics of transferring and storing your cryptocurrency. Start by using small amounts of bitcoin and other cryptos to familiarise yourself with transferring between wallets and services. It’s a great learning experience when you send and receive bitcoin for the first time, even if it is
a few dollars worth.

PIA: Is there anything else you’d like to add about the cybersecurity or privacy benefits that come with using cryptocurrency?

AT: Bitcoin and many other cryptos are built on a public and pseudonymous blockchains which provides a strong level of privacy to users but also have the ability to track transactions in public. Depending on your level of privacy needs, not all cryptocurrencies may be similarly suitable.