Are You Strong with the Force? Take PIA’s Star Wars Quiz & Find Out

Posted on Apr 26, 2023 by Kristin Hassel

It’s been 40+ years since George Lucas stunned audiences with his coming-of-age sci-fi masterpiece A New Hope. The original three movies are now the source of many prequels and sequels, series, and cartoons.

People around the world are discovering beloved characters for the first time through series like The Mandalorian and Andor. Others have found the galaxy far, far away a welcome escape since it all started in 1977. Lifelong fans are introducing their kids to Luke, Leia, Yoda, and Darth Vader raising entirely new generations of Jedi fans

Whether these new generations will join the light or dark side is still uncertain, but what we do know is people worldwide are hooked. So, are you a purist obsessed with the original three (A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi)? Or are you a fanatic for everything from A New Hope to Disney’s Andor

It’s time to test your knowledge of all things Star Wars. Take our quiz and stick around to learn a few more things you might not know about the franchise — oh, and may the Force be with you.

Did You Know? Star Wars Edition

A Movie About Galactic Freedom Almost Caused A Real War

While most of A New Hope’s scenes on Tatooine were filmed in California’s Death Valley, the original Sandcrawler scenes where Luke’s uncle Owen purchases the droids R2-D2 and C3PO were shot in Tunisia

Unfortunately, at the time, Tunisia and Libya were at an uneasy peace and the film crew got a bit close to the Libyan border. The Libyan government had no idea what the vehicle was and worried it was part of an assassination attempt on Libyan officials. 

The Libyan government even attempted to seize the Sandcrawler, which looked more like a tank before special effects were added. George Lucas couldn’t prove it was just a movie prop, so he agreed to move the vehicle to a more suitable area. In addition, he did reshoots in Death Valley to avoid further tensions between the countries.

The Rebel Dream Team Almost Had A Completely Different Look

It’s hard to imagine anyone else in the iconic roles of Luke, Leia, and Han, but the trio may have looked very different. 

Al Pacino was a famous star at the time and got offered the role of Han Solo, but he didn’t feel it was a good fit. Luckily Harrison Ford auditioned, he got the part. 

Likewise, the role of Leia Organa was offered to Jodie Foster, another popular actor at the time, but she wasn’t interested. Instead, Carrie Fisher got the role — becoming one of the first strong female heroines for little girls everywhere. 
While Skywalker eventually went to Mark Hamill, Kurt Russell auditioned for the role of Luke.

Critics Thought the Movie Was Juvenile and Uninspired

Critics had strong opinions of the first movie and they weren’t kind. One cited it as having “infantile dialogue”, while another called it ”‘a dull new world”. Lucas didn’t even think it would be a hit, and the studio was almost sure it would be a flop. This was part of the reason Lucas was allowed to obtain and keep all merchandising rights for the entire Star Wars franchise. 

Frankly, we find their lack of faith disturbing and so did all the fans who skipped out of school to see the movies a second and third time.

Celebrate May the 4th with All Things Jedi

How did you do? Have you learned the ways of the Jedi or do you need a bit more time studying with the masters? Don’t worry if your training is incomplete, you can always come back and try again

In the meantime, May the 4th approaches. Do you have the Star Wars movies queued up in order? If so, get ready to put on your fan gear and get ready to start streaming. You might even want to consider throwing a Star Wars watch party with like-minded fans. Just make sure you download a VPN to stop buffering from causing a ‘disruption in the Force’.

Regardless of how you celebrate Star Wars day, spread the enthusiasm for all things Jedi. Sure, there’s some debate among fans about whether Disney killed the franchise, but let’s be honest, nothing will ever ruin the originals, and the more love the better. Besides, you can always move over to the dark side if all else fails… we hear they have cookies.

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  1. Stephen Lonewolf

    I don’t think Disney has killed Star Wars at all. Changed some concepts, yes, but had Disney not taken over, it Star Wars would’ve stopped with The Clone Wars. See what we have now.

    12 months ago
    1. PIA Team

      Hey Stephen! I know many fans who agree, especially those who love The Mandalorian. Still, the debate over whether Disney’s mass production of Star Wars related content watered down the franchise is on the table. Hey, regardless of which side fans take, what matters is we all love Star Wars right?

      12 months ago