Unlimited Device Connections Now on PIA VPN? Yes, Please!

Posted on Mar 16, 2023 by Kristin Hassel

Using one VPN for multiple devices is nice, but what if one VPN subscription could cover all your online devices? Think about it, you’d have complete privacy protection for your entire arsenal of gadgets without the hassle of managing your list of devices.

At PIA, we pride ourselves on our arsenal of great features and we are now delivering even greater value. Current and future subscribers now have unlimited device connections with their PIA subscription. 

Read on to find out what PIA’s unlimited device connections mean for you, and how it helps further our mission to provide online privacy for all.

What PIA’s Unlimited Device Connections Mean for You

Let’s face it, the market for smart devices isn’t decreasing anytime soon. Everything from cell phones to TVs and smartwatches can now connect to the internet, some to both a home and mobile network. Our lives often depend on these gadgets, so we must protect the information we send online. 

As families grow and jobs become more remote, so does the number of devices in your home.

You can install a VPN on your router to easily cover all your in-home connections, but the second you’re out of range you’re out of luck. Smartphones and other mobile devices also benefit from the protection of a VPN unless you never plan on using them outside your home or travel with your router in your bag — neither of which is likely.

Many VPNs offer up to 5 device connections per subscription, but most people have well over 5 online devices, so you’d often run out of connections before all your devices are covered. This means you need to either buy another subscription or get a different VPN, one better suited for your needs.

PIA used to have 10 device connections, more than most VPNs, but now we’re stepping up our value game with unlimited device connections to new and existing subscriptions. You can now download a VPN for all your online devices and keep them safe — without paying more or any extra hassle.

Why PIA is the Best Choice for Online Privacy

Your online activity shouldn’t be available for anyone to see. Legislation around the world is eating away at individual privacy as we know it, and many countries still lack cohesive laws to protect your online data — including the US

The California Privacy Protection Act (CPPA) is the closest law the US has to the GDPR, but most States don’t have adequate legislation regarding digital privacy. To make it worse, you don’t get much help from the Federal government. While several bills are working their way through the house and senate, it sometimes takes over a year for them to be passed into law. 

PIA takes pride in protecting your right to digital privacy, no matter where you land on the map. Our independent security audit confirmed we don’t store your personal information, which means you can trust our No Logs policy to keep you safe. We use RAM-only servers to ensure nothing is ever stored, so it’s impossible for us to retain any information about what you do when you go online. 

PIA also uses unbreakable AES encryption, to make your data unreadable to cybercriminals and anyone else who might be watching.

We won’t leave you in the lurch when it comes to installing our VPN or activating features either. In addition to our Support Center, we offer 24/7 live chat and email support. You can literally reach out to us anytime day or night to get all your questions answered by an expert.

The best part? You can get this level of protection on all your devices with PIA’s unlimited connections. We cover iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux, and we have solutions for routers, Smart TVs, game consoles, and more. 

Reap the Benefits of Unlimited Device Connections

While an increasingly interconnected world has its benefits, it also comes with additional threats to your privacy and online security. 

Offering unlimited device connections is an important step in PIA’s journey to add value without compromising on affordability, because nobody has time to manage device lists and constantly keep track of the ones not yet protected.

Use Private Internet Access to protect all the devices in your home with one solution — all you need to do to stay safe is connect.