Privacy News Online | Weekly Review: October 23, 2020

Posted on Oct 23, 2020 by Caleb Chen
Privacy News Online | Weekly Review - October, 23, 2020

Featured: Privacy News Online – Week of October 23rd, 2020

French data protection authority says it can’t trust top US Internet companies with EU personal data – even if they keep it in the EU

The ripple effect caused by the CJEU’s invalidation of the Privacy Shield framework is still being felt around the European Union. France had previously awarded a contract to Microsoft to manage a novel database of all of France’s healthcare data. Following the invalidation of the Privacy Shield framework, the French national data authority has pointed out that France shouldn’t trust US companies with personal data of EU citizens, even if the data is supposed to be kept in the EU.

Pakistan bans TikTok; calls videos “immoral and indecent”

Pakistan bans TikTok; calls videos _immoral and indecent_Pakistan’s Telecommunication authority, the PTA, has issued an order to the country’s internet service providers and mobile data providers to block TikTok. The Pakistan TikTok ban follows several warnings from the Pakistani government that such action was impending. The Pakistani government maintains that they would like to have an open dialogue with TikTok and would let the app back into the country if they could work together to censor immoral and indecent videos.

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More Privacy News This Week:

With Prop. 24, California is trying to rewrite the rules of online privacy. Again.

Proposition 24 seeks to expand the privacy protections given to Californians under the CCPA. Specifically, it would do so by creating a dedicated state level agency that would enforce these laws. Some hoped that the furthuring proposition would strengthen the CCPA and perhaps make opt-in the standard over opt-out when it comes to companies using our personal data. As the proposition heads to ballot, many activists feel there are missed opportunities to strengthen privacy rights.

ISPs Are Monitoring IPTV Pirates’ Activities, Court Documents Reveal

Court documents have revealed that internet service providers have been conducting secret traffic analysis on customers to monitor IPTV activity. Now, a court case in Ireland has provided proof that the ISPs have been working with copyright lawyers to analyze traffic and pinpoint IPTV internet activity. Privacy International commented on ISP monitoring: “Censorship and monitoring of the Internet, generally, leads to chilling effects and violates our human right against arbitrary interference to our privacy, home, and correspondence.”

PS5 won’t actively monitor or listen to your voice chat, Sony says

Sony has clarified on how voice chat will be monitored and moderated in PS5 after news that voice chat could be recorded was discovered in a PS4 update notification. The PS5 will come with the ability to allow players to report verbally abusive players at which point a recording of the last five minutes of voice chat will be sent for review. Sony emphasizes that this isn’t “active” monitoring and nobody will be randomly listening into chats.

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