Privacy Talks | Interview with Hanna from Tutanota

Posted on Apr 8, 2021 by Chris Miller
Privacy Talks | Interview with Hanna from Tutanota

This interview first aired on October 9, 2020

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[0:40] – Why was Tutanota founded and what does it do?

[1:24] – Where did the name “Tutanota” come from?

[1:59] – Just how insecure is the average email that is not being sent through Tutanota?

[2:52] – Speaking of encryption, we’ve noticed a lot of governments seems to be trying to ban encryption or force tech companies to build backdoors into their encrypted products. Why do you think that is a bad idea?

[4:40] – Some people use Tutanota as an example of a more private version of Gmail. I see that Tutanota also has a calendar now. What are the benefits of a more private, encrypted calendar when compared to Google Calendar?

[6:05] – What is something you, or Tutanota, are looking forward to?

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