Private Internet Access Android App is ioXt-Certified

Posted on Apr 15, 2021 by Chris Miller

Earlier today, we announced that the ioXt Alliance Expanded their Certification Program for Mobile and VPN Security. This expansions includes a set of VPN-specific standards that were developed by the VPN Trust Initiative (VTI) in order to bring transparency and visibility to consumer and enterprise buyers, to advance security in the IoT industry as a whole.

VPNs are central to internet privacy, security, and rights, but the members of the VTI know well that we can’t provide those protections without trust and transparency. That’s why we’re so excited to be involved in launching the expansion of the ioXt Compliance Program to include VPN services.  This Program will give consumers more control and confidence in choosing solutions for protecting themselves online.

-Harold Li, Chair of the VPN Trust Initiative

Private Internet Access Android VPN App is ioXt Certified

As part of our efforts to increase the level of security and transparency in our apps and service, Private Internet Access partnered with the ioXt Alliance to test and certify our Android mobile VPN application.

As we continue to be more connected than ever, privacy concerts have remained in the spotlight making VPN and mobile app security increasingly important to consumers, developers and other relevant stakeholders. With these new profiles, we are working with industry experts and leading organizations to make security standards scalable and adoptable across VPNs, and mobile apps to ensure consumer confidence and transparency as well as adequate end-user protection.

-Brad Ree, CTO of the ioXt Alliance

To learn more about the ioXt Alliance and how to get involved, visit: and to learn more about our mobile apps and VPN security profile click here.

PIA’s Commitment to Privacy & Transparency

Joining the ioXt Alliance and having our Android mobile VPN app ioXt Certified is just one of many steps we are taking as part of our commitment to privacy and transparency. The first big step, was when we announced that all Private Internet Access are open-source, then we launched a brand new, more secure NextGen VPN network. Additionally, we are currently in discussions with several large auditing firms and expect to have a full audit of our VPN apps and network done this year. Private Internet Access is committed to being the most transparent VPN on the market.