PIA’s NextGen VPN network is a huge deal, update to try it out now

Posted on Sep 9, 2020 by Private Internet Access
Private Internet Access NextGen VPN Network

The Private Internet Access Next Generation Network is online and functional, but you need to be using the latest version of the PIA client on your device to take full advantage of it. The NextGen VPN Network was first unveiled to our beta testers for a beta preview back in early June of 2020. Following a period of successful testing and rollout, the Private Internet Access Next Generation Network officially came out of beta in August, 2020. Whereas PIA users previously needed to manually select the NextGen Network in the Settings, the NextGen network is now default from v2.4.0 for PIA desktop clients and v3.7.2 for PIA smartphone apps. There are many reasons to try the new VPN servers, which support both OpenVPN and WireGuard®.

What’s so great about the PIA NextGen VPN Network?

The servers used in the new PIA NextGen VPN Network have been redesigned from the ground up by our developers to utilize better hardware components as well as better deployment and update defaults. One big difference is that our NextGen VPN servers use 10Gbps network cards instead of the previous 1Gbps network cards. These changes were made with the VPN experience of our customers in mind. We wanted to provide better speed, security, and privacy and now that we have these things, we want our customers to be able to take advantage of them.

PIA NextGen VPN servers use the latest packages in kernel and userspace on an encrypted operating system. Within the encrypted OS, all VPN services and other meta-services that are system critical are properly isolated and only deployed to memory using RAMDisks – which means that all sensitive information is lost as soon as the server loses power. We’ve also added additional man-in-the-middle (MITM) protections to the SSH connections our developers use to communicate with our VPN servers. We even take the step of blocking the USB port access on these NextGen VPN servers for added peace of mind. You can always view more information on the PIA VPN Network on our network page.

What are you waiting for, update to the latest version of Private Internet Access

Using the latest version of Private Internet Access is always advised, and you can update your client with a few clicks depending on what platform you’re on. For iOS devices, navigate to the VPN by Private Internet Access iOS App Store page and tap the blue “UPDATE” button. For Android devices, navigate to the VPN by Private Internet Access Google Play Store page and tap the green “UPDATE” button. On Windows, MacOS, and Linux, right click the PIA icon in your system tray and download the latest version for updating. All supported platforms can also download the latest version of the PIA VPN client from the Private Internet Access website.

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