Private Internet Access Desktop Client V77 Adds Debian, Arch Linux, Linux Mint Support, and More

Posted on Feb 20, 2018 by PIA Team
private internet access announcement

Today we released version 77 of the PIA desktop client for Windows, OS X, and Linux. You can get it on the Private Internet Access Downloads Page here:

This release brings a changelog in the menu, a new installer for Windows, long-awaited Debian support, Arch Linux support, and Linux Mint support for our loyal Linux users, and more. More information on the release of v77 can be found below.

PIA Desktop Client V77 Release Notes

Release Date: February 20, 2018


Notable additions:

  • Added Arabic localization
  • Added the current region to Connecting/Connected notifications
  • Added a menu item linking our website’s changelog section
  • Upgraded HTTPS requests to TLSv1.2
  • Improved client startup speed
  • Improved debug log sending flow
  • Windows: New installer
  • Windows: Code signed binaries to reduce anti-virus warnings
  • Windows: Discontinue XP/Vista support
  • Windows: Turn on DNS Leak Protection by default
  • Windows: Improve DNS Leak Protection during timeout/reconnect
  • Windows: Detect and fix a registry problem that can prevent PIA from running correctly
  • Windows: Reduced installer download size
  • Windows: Fixed “must be run as Administrator” error on older Windows versions
  • Windows: Fixed client booting on systems with certain registry keys
  • Windows: Improved debugging capability for client boot errors
  • Linux: Reduced installer download size
  • Linux: Fixed a possible local privilege escalation
  • Linux: Added Arch Linux support
  • Linux: Added Debian support
  • Linux: Added Mint support

SHA-256 Checksums:

Don’t forget to check your installer against the checksum!

pia-v77-installer-win.exe: 741259f754d140a6ef65237aaf9c51c7fc0f774dcec217a39209d5677f62713d

pia-v77-installer-mac.dmg: 7a31b46d03c1d59a1fd420ade299d329141e75212ab76c62453a8a1ac7e946c5

pia-v77-installer-linux.tar.gz: ac66d8be80e3a8323e846f81d83aa3846c855a1d1ff410bb5a62e356f36d8200