Private Internet Access now accepts anonymous Zcash shielded payments

Posted on Feb 14, 2018 by PIA Team
private internet access announcement

Private Internet Access is now accepting Zcash shielded payments, providing users with enhanced protection of personal data when paying for our VPN services. This continues our long history of adopting new advances in privacy technology on behalf of PIA users. Private Internet Access has been a supporter of Zcash even prior to its network launch and has been accepting Zcash payments through transparent addresses since 2017. Accepting transactions using Zcash shielded addresses has been on our roadmap for months, and we’re happy to finally release it to our users. This is a big day for privacy advocates on the internet.

Why Pay for Private Internet Access with Zcash?

Users that have bought Private Internet Access using cryptocurrency in the past have only participated in pseudonymous digital currency transactions. Now, Private Internet Access is proud to support mathematically proven anonymous digital currency transactions. When Private Internet Access first started, the technology to execute anonymous online transaction did not yet exist. Over the years we have adopted many payment methods to expand the private payment options available to our valued customers. Now, many years later, Private Internet Access is proud to be leading the charge as the first mainstream merchant to accept Zcash shielded transactions for our services.

Paige Peterson from the Zcash Company, commented:

“PIA has long been a critical tool for privacy and anti-censorship. We’re thrilled to align our values and offer the PIA community shielded transactions for PIA access, providing total privacy for anyone and safety for those in oppressed countries.

How to Pay Anonymously for Private Internet Access Using Zcash Shielded Payments

In order to send a shielded transaction to Private Internet Access, Zcash users will need to use a compatible wallet that has that advanced functionality – sending from an exchange might not be possible. A full list of Z-address compatible wallets has been curated by the Zcash community on their forum. Click here for more detailed instructions on how to pay anonymously for Private Internet Access, or watch the buying guide video below.