Privacy Talks | Interview with Tyler Ahn from Mozilla Firefox

Posted on Apr 14, 2021 by Chris Miller
Interview with Tyler Ahn from Mozilla Firefox

This interview first aired on December 4, 2020

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[0:48] – Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and the steps in your career that led you to your current position?

[2:08– Now that you are at Firefox, what do you focus on there?

[2:40] – Media outlets like TechRadar have labelled Firefox as a “Feisty Underdog”, do you like that label? What are your thoughts on that?

[4:57– What is Mozilla’s position on internet privacy and how is it manifested in the Firefox browser?

[6:11] – You mentioned the enhanced tracking protection, can you go into that a little bit more and describe exactly what it is protecting Firefox users from?

[7:09] – You also mentioned Firefox Monitor, and it’s used for helping users with data breaches. How does an internet user use Firefox Monitor to become more informed about data breaches and what is it exactly that is being monitored?

[8:17] – One thing that I noticed that Firefox released recently that the community really liked, is the Facebook container. What is it and why should every Firefox user check it out?

How is it that making a browser choice or other incremental steps like that, can help all of us collectively unfuck the internet and give power back to its users?

What is something that you personally, either at-work our outside of work, are looking forward to?


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