Purism Launches Suite of Privacy Protecting Services and Apps Called Librem One

Posted on Apr 30, 2019 by Chris Miller
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Social purpose corporation Purism, which produces privacy-respecting hardware and software, is launching a brand new suite of apps and services titled Librem One.  The purpose of this new suite, is to give people legitimate alternatives to mainstream products, while still respecting their privacy.

The bundle already includes an impressive array of services, featuring end-to-end encrypted email, end-to-end encrypted chat, end-to-end encryted VPN service and it even includes an open public social network.  we don't look at your junkPurism plans to offer additional apps and services in the Librem One bundle in the future such as end-to-end encrypted cloud storage, phone service and payments, and promises that all current and future apps and services will not track users, will have no ads and will not look at, sell or share anything sent or created within the bundle.  Or, as they like to put it, “We don’t look at your junk.”

What is included:

  • Librem VPN – End-to-end encrypted virtual private networking (VPN) utilizing the secure OpenVPN protocol.
  • Librem Chat – End-to-end encrypted messaging using an open network for secure, decentralized communication powered by the Matrix protocol.  Librem Chat also includes VOIP and video calling.
  • Librem Mail – End-end-encrypted email service using an industry standard protocol.
  • Librem Social – Backed by the ActivityPub protocol, a decentralized social networking protocol recommended by W3C.

“By adding Librem One into the Purism product family, we now have the perfect trifecta of hardware, software, and services to compete against the tech giants head-on,”
-Todd Weaver, Founder and CEO of Purism.

Librem One is a subscription service for a very reasonable $7.99 per month, or just $71.91 per year (25% off the monthly price!)   For those users who already have a VPN and encrypted mail solution, Librem One offers a basic tier with Librem Chat and Librem Social where you “pick-your-price) from Free to $5.99 per month.

“I don’t want to give up the convenience that today’s tech offers, but I also don’t want to give up my privacy. Librem One offers both”
– Nicole Faerber, Chief Technology Officer of Purism

Who is Purism?

Purism refers to itself as a “Social Purpose Corporation devoted to bringing security, privacy, software freedom, and digital independence to everyone’s personal computing experience.”  Their initial claim to fame was their high-quality Librem laptops and phones, the perfect technical marriage of power, privacy, beauty and convenience.

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