• Dec 29, 2018
  • Ben Brown
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3 Rules To Make Sure Your Cryptocurrency Is Never Hacked or Stolen

Almost $1 billion of cryptocurrency has been stolen by hackers and thieves in 2018 alone. It’s enough to make you think that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies aren’t safe. But the real story here isn’t that bitcoin is inherently unsafe. It’s that many people don’t store or manage it securely. The Bitcoin system is actually one … Continue reading “3 Rules To Make Sure Your Cryptocurrency Is Never Hacked or Stolen”


  • Dec 9, 2018
  • Ashley Perna
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The Safest Ways to Buy a VPN Anonymously

Most people are happy to use a credit card or their PayPal account to pay for their VPN. However, there are some users who require maximum anonymity. Paying for these types of services with your personal accounts leaves a paper trail. Even no-log VPN providers store payment details, including account numbers and billing addresses. Do … Continue reading “The Safest Ways to Buy a VPN Anonymously”


  • Sep 13, 2017
  • Glyn Moody
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Another threat to your privacy: the way you write

The ‘creator’ of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, has been identified. That, at least, is the claim in a recent article by Alexander Muse on Medium. But don’t get too excited. The article not only fails to name him/her/them, Muse admits he doesn’t know, either. All he will say is that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) … Continue reading “Another threat to your privacy: the way you write”


  • Jun 1, 2017
  • Glyn Moody
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Why the Chinese love clunky QR codes, despite privacy and security shortcomings

As you may have noticed, there’s a lot of interest in bitcoin at the moment. According to one analysis, a key factor driving the digital currency to record highs is rising demand from China. That may be true for serious investors there, but for most of China’s billion-plus citizens, when it comes to digital payments, … Continue reading “Why the Chinese love clunky QR codes, despite privacy and security shortcomings”


  • Nov 18, 2013
  • rasengan
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An Eventful Morning

TL;DR: Our Vanilla Forum installation was hacked, but our VPN system was completely unaffected.  Forum users should change their passwords if they are used on other sites. Today, on November 18, 2013, on or about 5AM, we discovered a message posted across the top of our offsite forums propositioning visitors to send Bitcoin to an address to receive 10x the Bitcoins in return.  Luckily, visitors of … Continue reading “An Eventful Morning”


  • Feb 21, 2013
  • coderrr
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VPN Accepts Ripple, the First True Bitcoin Competitor

tl;dr Ripple (XRP) is a new decentralized Bitcoin-like currency that doesn’t require a blockchain or mining. The Ripple network also supports sending and trading between any currency enabling true decentralized BTC exchanges. Ripple and Bitcoin can work together to expand each other’s reach. We are the first VPN to accept Ripple. As Bitcoin approaches the … Continue reading “VPN Accepts Ripple, the First True Bitcoin Competitor”


  • Sep 26, 2012
  • rasengan
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Coinbase, First Crowd Funded Bitcoin Company, Raises Over $600K

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Brian Armstrong (Previously AirBnB) founded the first YC backed Bitcoin company. Now, he’s reached an even bigger milestone. Coinbase (YC S12) is now officially the first traditionally crowd funded Bitcoin company (we say traditionally because some Bitcoin companies have raised funds in Bitcoin via the GLBSE stock market). This shows that … Continue reading “Coinbase, First Crowd Funded Bitcoin Company, Raises Over $600K”


  • Jun 29, 2012
  • rasengan
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Paul Graham Endorses Bitcoin

History is in the making.  Although this is not a major announcement pertaining to Bitcoin directly, today may be one of the most historic days in the life of the crypto currency.  Today, it was announced that YCombinator, the biggest and most well known technology incubator, has funded a Bitcoin startup. What does this mean? … Continue reading “Paul Graham Endorses Bitcoin”


  • Mar 17, 2012
  • rasengan
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Bitcoin War: The First Real Threat to Bitcoin?

For most Bitcoiners, it is a well known fact that there is a significant risk in the decentralized peer-to-peer currency pertaining to hashing power.  In order to maintain a perfectly democratic internet currency, no one single entity should ever have control of 51%, or greater, of the total network hashing power. Today, one of our … Continue reading “Bitcoin War: The First Real Threat to Bitcoin?”


  • Mar 14, 2012
  • rasengan
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Exclusive Interview with Suren Ter from YouHaveDownloaded.com

Your BitTorrent downloads are very public, and Suren Ter, the producer behind  YouHaveDownloaded.com, has helped to raise public awareness on this reality.  We sat down with our friend, Suren, to discuss the idea behind YHD, piracy, and the future of file sharing. • • • Please give the world a brief introduction about yourself, such … Continue reading “Exclusive Interview with Suren Ter from YouHaveDownloaded.com”