The Gift of Privacy

Posted on Nov 27, 2013 by rasengan

At Private Internet Access, we’ve always been very interested in forward-thinking payment methods. We were one of the first VPN providers to officially accept Bitcoin (BTC/XBT), and additionally, we were the first VPN provider to accept Ripple (XRP). Today, we would like to introduce and announce a new, very accessible and completely anonymous way to pay for Private Internet Access: All Major Gift Cards.

We’ve partnered with a new company, PayGarden, and now you can use any major gift card to pay for Private Internet Access. This means you can walk into any store and buy a gift card to pay for internet privacy. This brings anonymity in VPN services to levels never before seen. Just put on your one-time use hat, one-time use glasses and one-time use jacket and buy a gift card at your local Starbucks, Convenient Store, or Grocery.

We’re committed to protecting the privacy of the internet. Co-founder of PayGarden, Aaron Iba, said, “Gift card payments are one of the first truly anonymous ways to pay online. We are excited to be partners with Private Internet Access to offer this new level of user privacy not available anywhere before.”

The gift card payment method enables you to pay using any arbitrary value and is issued in number of days instead of months or years. This gives you the ability to use old gift cards that may have been collecting dust over the years.

The state of payments online is rapidly changing, and innovation is spurring innovation. We’d like to invite you to protect yourself with Private Internet Access with your gift card that is taking up space in your wallet.

Always use protection. Hats off to Paygarden!

You can learn more about PayGarden on their website or on Techcrunch.

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  1. MIAO

    we want our privacy back..!!!

    5 years ago
  2. Skax

    I think that to pay by gift card is Spot on good shout,i shall be looking into having a pop at this ,thinking about it ,is a no-no;it seems to be just well,right!

    6 years ago