Unblock Restricted Videos with the #1 VPN for YouTube

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Unblock Restricted Videos with the #1 VPN for YouTube

How to Unblock YouTube in 3 Steps

Step 1

Sign up for Private Internet Access and set it up on your device.

Step 2

Connect to a server in a country where YouTube is available

Step 3

Watch your favorite YouTube content without disruptions

How Does a VPN Unblock YouTube?

How Does a VPN Unblock YouTube?

A VPN changes your IP address and encrypts your internet connection. If YouTube is blocked in your country or you can’t access certain videos, you can connect to a VPN server in a different country to get easy access.

A VPN also lets you access YouTube if it’s blocked at your workplace or school. VPN encryption hides your activity from your network, allowing you to bypass blocks and watch YouTube whenever you want.

Why PIA Is the Best VPN for YouTube

Global Server Network

Global Server Network

PIA has server locations in 91 countries, making it easy to find a server wherever you need one. Our large network means you can access any regionally restricted video on YouTube.

Fast Speeds

Fast Speeds

Watch videos and live streams without buffering or glitching with our high-speed 10-Gbps network. You’ll get picture-perfect video quality, even in 4K. You’ll also get great upload speeds, so you can livestream without a hitch.

Strong Encryption

Strong Encryption

If YouTube is blocked on your work or school’s Wi-Fi, PIA can help. Our VPN encryption prevents networks from detecting your online activity, allowing you to bypass blocks.

Best VPN for Privacy

Best VPN for Privacy

Keep your online activity private. PIA’s No Logs Policy means we don’t track, record, or store any of your browsing data. If the authorities ask us for your data, we’ll have nothing to give them..

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited Bandwidth

Listen to your favorite music all day, stream live sports events, and follow your favorite vloggers without your VPN slowing you down or cutting you off. PIA will never limit your VPN bandwidth or data.

24/7 Customer Support

24/7 Customer Support

Get expert help whenever you need it. Send us an email or hop on a live chat and we’ll resolve your query and get you back on YouTube in no time.

Why Is YouTube Blocked?

Why Is YouTube Blocked?

Some governments censor YouTube. For example, China restricts Western social media platforms to control access to information.

Schools and workplaces sometimes block YouTube to manage bandwidth, prevent distractions, and maintain productivity.

Where Is YouTube Blocked?

Some countries censor some content on YouTube. For example, YouTube delivers a separate version of the platform in Pakistan and allows local authorities to remove objectionable content.

Many music videos are blocked in certain countries because of licensing restrictions.

The platform is completely banned In Iran, Turkmenistan, Belarus, and China.

Where Is YouTube Blocked?
Unblock YouTube on Any Device

Unblock YouTube on Any Device

You can unblock YouTube on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or Smart TV with PIA. We have easy-to-use apps for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV. Every subscription comes with unlimited device connections so you and your family can enjoy YouTube separately or together.



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You may be unable to access YouTube because it’s unavailable in your country, or because it’s blocked on your local network.

Whatever the reason, unblocking YouTube is easy — just get PIA VPN.

A YouTube VPN can unblock YouTube in countries where it’s blocked, give you access to restricted YouTube content in other regions, or help you bypass network blocks at your school or workplace. A VPN also encrypts your internet connection, preventing your ISP or government from snooping on your online activity.

YouTube doesn’t prohibit VPN use, and VPNs are legal in most countries. If VPNs or YouTube are restricted in your current location, it’s a good idea to know their legal status before connecting.

The Best VPN for YouTube is PIA. We give you unlimited bandwidth and data so you can watch as much YouTube as you’d like without being cut off. Our 10-Gbps VPN server network gives you a fast VPN connection, so you can stream buffer-free. With servers in 91 countries around the globe, you can access regionally restricted videos with ease.

Our VPN service works with BBC iPlayer, Netflix, YouTube TV, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Huli, HBO Max, and loads of other streaming services around the world.

YouTube works well with some VPNs, but to avoid access issues, bandwidth limits, and poor picture quality, you need a reputable streaming VPN. PIA works seamlessly with YouTube, and features a global server network, fast speeds, and unlimited bandwidth.

There is no record of YouTube banning users for using a VPN. So long as you don’t use one to break its terms of service, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Using a VPN to buy YouTube Premium at a lower price might get you banned. Using one to protect your purchase will probably not get you banned as long as you stay within YouTube’s terms of service.

There are a few things to consider when using a VPN to upload YouTube content. Uploading from a different virtual location can target different audiences and may impact YouTube’s algorithms and recommendations. Your ad revenue may be indirectly affected if your VPN use breaches YouTube’s policies.

Your VPN may not be working because your server location does not allow access to YouTube. It also may not work because someone using the same VPN IP address as you previously got banned.

Try reconnecting to refresh your IP address, or connect to a different server. If it still doesn’t work, get PIA VPN to unblock YouTube from anywhere.

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