Interview With Simon Davis – RoboForm Password Manager

Posted on Feb 25, 2022 by Aviva Zacks

RoboForm has been a leader in the password management world for over 20 years. They build exceptional products and have a strong commitment to protecting user privacy.

We interviewed RoboForm’s VP of Marketing Simon Davis and asked him how password management is expanding beyond typical logins.

Private Internet Access: What has your journey to your current job been?

Simon Davis: I actually started my marketing career with RoboForm back in 2006 in a junior position. A few years later I went to work at a Fortune 500 company and then a dog-related tech startup before coming back to RoboForm in 2015. I now head up the marketing team.

PIA: What do you love about working in cybersecurity?

SD: The great thing about using a password manager is that it makes being online easier and more secure. What makes it all worth it for me is to read the words of adoration from our most devoted users.

PIA: What does your company do?

SD: Our parent company publishes RoboForm password manager and GoodSync file synchronization software. We are bootstrapped and based in Fairfax, VA. Our customers range from individual users and small businesses to government agencies and leading Fortune 500 companies.

PIA: What is RoboForm’s flagship product?

SD: For individuals, we have a freemium business model. RoboForm is free to use on a single device with unlimited logins. Our flagship product is RoboForm Everywhere—our premium password manager—unlimited devices, all features, and priority support. We also offer RoboForm Family—5 Everywhere accounts.

RoboForm Business is our SaaS solution. It adds collaboration and user management features desired by teams and large enterprises.

SD: We are seeing that there now seems to be more of a push towards expanding the scope of password management beyond traditional website logins. Customers are now looking for additional ways to automate. One example of this is the generation and entry of TOTP codes for 2FA. Another is the integration with SSO providers. These are all areas where we are expanding our offerings.

PIA: What are the worst cyberthreats out there today?

SD: Certainly, the one we are best positioned to help with is the scourge of bad or reused passwords. A good password should be unique and random. Obviously if your password is easy to guess by an intruder that is bad. But even the strongest password becomes ineffective if you use it in more than one place. If you reuse the same password and it gets compromised by a hack, then that essentially makes it useless everywhere else. RoboForm will grade your passwords for strength, check if you are using it more than once, and also inform you if they have been found in a documented breach.

PIA: How is the pandemic changing the way your company deals with cybersecurity?

SD: Our infrastructure has been secured and accessible for remote operations for some time. The biggest change from the pandemic is that we have expanded the use of working remotely.