Privacy News Daily | March 29th, 2019

Posted on Mar 29, 2019 by Caleb Chen

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Welcome to the Online Privacy News Update for March 29th, 2018. Today, the world is reacting to. Read below for other privacy related news from today.


NSA phone surveillance may end soon thanks to a bipartisan bill introduced to Congress

Finland passed new surveillance laws without a vote in a nearly empty room


Google’s Privacy Angst Is Causing Big Problems for These 3 Stocks

Talk of Google changing ad rules in its massive ad business are causing turmoil in the ad tech industry. The stock of adtech companies Criteo( ticker: CRTO), Trade Desk (TTD), and Live Ramp Holdings (RAMP) have all dropped.

Email addresses of almost a BILLION people are leaked in one of the biggest data breaches ever – and hackers could now have access to your name, date of birth and even where you LIVE

German security researchers discovered an unprotected MongoDB instance that had nearly a billion records of emails and other personal information – including IP address. The breach came from anonymous email verification website, which has since shut down.

CPI(M) vows to end mass surveillance

Indian politicians are stating that an end to mass surveillance is part of their campaign platform. Whether this ends up changing things in the populous country remains to be seen.

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