Private Internet Access Legacy VPN Network Sunset Announcement

Posted on Sep 30, 2020 by Private Internet Access
Private Internet Access Legacy VPN Network Sunset Announcement

We recently launched our NextGen VPN network of servers which is faster, better for streaming and has more locations to choose from. There is no change to our no log policy at all – we do not, have not and will not log VPN activity, because your privacy is our policy. All users must update to the latest client version: (Windows: 2.4, Mac 2.4, Linux, 2.4, iOS 3.71 and Android 3.7.1) before 10/31.  Suffice to say, it’s a big deal and worth checking out. For the last few months, both the PIA Legacy and the PIA NextGen VPN networks have been running side by side but that will no longer be the case by the end of October 2020. Due to the sunsetting of the PIA Legacy VPN network, PIA subscribers on legacy versions of the PIA desktop client or PIA mobile app will have to update their apps and clients to be able to access the VPN network.

Goodbye Legacy VPN network, Hello NextGen VPN network

The legacy VPN network is sunsetting in October and Private Internet Access users will need to update their clients to be able to use the NextGen VPN network. Private Internet Access has been a leading no log VPN service for a decade now. That’s a long time, and today we are announcing that our legacy VPN network of VPN servers will be sunsetting in a month’s time. Throughout the month of October, the legacy VPN servers will be decommissioned and removed from our VPN server list. Out with the old and in with the new.

How to update Private Internet Access so you can connect to the NextGen VPN network

For the best security and privacy, it’s always advised to use the latest version of PIA. Updating is easy no matter what device you’re using. No matter what platform you’re on, you are able to update your client with just a few clicks or taps.