Download the Best Fortnite VPN and Eliminate Lag

  • Minimize ping and gain an advantage
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Download the Best Fortnite VPN and Eliminate Lag

How to Use a VPN for Fortnite in 3 Steps

Get PIA VPN — the #1 gaming VPN

Step 1

Get PIA VPN — the #1 gaming VPN

Connect to one of our 154 server locations

Step 2

Connect to one of our 154 server locations

Start playing Dead by Daylight with no lag

Step 3

Play Fortnite and claim a Victory Royale!

Why Do You Need a VPN to Play Fortnite?

Lower Ping

Lower Ping

When your ISP doesn’t use the most direct route between your device and the Fortnite servers, a VPN can help. Connecting to a VPN server close to the gaming server can shorten the distance your signal travels, giving you a lower ping and faster response times.

Avoid DDoS Attacks

If Fortnite is blocked on your work or school network, a VPN can help. It changes your IP address and encrypts your connection so network operators can’t monitor your activity, letting you bypass blocks with ease.

Avoid DDoS Attacks
Bypass Throttling

Bypass Throttling

If you’ve got a fast connection, but Fortnite always feels laggy, ISP throttling might be to blame. A VPN hides your activity from your ISP with encryption, letting you sneak past throttling and increase your chances of a Victory Royale.

What Is Fortnite?

What Is Fortnite?

Fortnite is a free multiplayer battle royale game created by Epic Games. At the start of each game, 100 players are dropped onto an island and must kill the other players while avoiding being killed themselves in order to win.

You begin each round armed with only an ax, and must quickly find guns, armor, and other items to improve your chances of surviving — and winning. Throughout the game, a deadly storm gradually engulfs the map, forcing players into progressively closer proximity, until the last surviving players face-off for the win.

Unlike most other battle royale games, Fortnite allows you to build simple structures, adding an extra element of skill and strategy to the game. These structures can provide cover from gunfire and access to high places, but can also give your position away more easily.

Why Do You Need a Low Ping to
Play Fortnite?

Ping, measured in milliseconds, is the time it takes your data to travel from your device to the gaming servers. The lower your ping, the more responsive your gameplay will be. If your ping is too high, you’ll experience lag.

Success in Fortnite depends on accuracy and fast reaction times, both of which require a low ping. You can be the best sniper in the game, but if your shot takes too long to reach the server, your opponent can move, causing you to miss.

A VPN can help you keep your ping low and your chances high. If you connect to a VPN server close to the gaming server you’re playing on, you can reduce the distance your signal travels, which in turn lowers your ping. This is why many pro gamers routinely use VPNs to manage their ping.

Why Do You Need a Low Ping to Play Fortnite?

What Is the Best VPN for Fortnite?

PIA is easily the best VPN for Fortnite. It has all the features you need to minimize ping, avoid lag, and keep malicious players at bay.

Servers all Over the World

Servers all Over the World

PIA has servers in over 91 countries around the globe, so you’re bound to find one close to the game servers you’re playing on. This means you can play Fortnite with friends in any location, and even lower your ping under the right circumstances.

Fast Speeds

Fast Speeds

Don’t let a dodgy connection turn you into a sitting duck. PIA’s ultra-quick 10-Gbps network helps you minimize freezing, delay, and glitches, so you can dominate in build battles, land sniper shots, and outrun the storm with confidence.

DDoS Attack Protection

DDoS Attack Protection

Anyone with access to your IP address can potentially kick you out of the game with a DDos attack. PIA VPN hides your IP address, protecting you from sore losers, trolls, and cheaters.

ISP Throttling Protection

ISP Throttling Protection

If ISP throttling is ruining your chances at victory, PIA has your back. Our strong VPN encryption stops your ISP from seeing what you’re doing, so it can’t slow you down based on your activity.

Unlimited Data

Unlimited Data

Cut off moments before your Victory Royale? Not on PIA’s watch! Complete weekly quests, level up your Battle Pass, and farm XP 24/7 without worrying about VPN usage limits.

24/7 Customer Support

24/7 Customer Support

Contact our Support team experts via live chat or email for fast answers to your questions about using PIA VPN for Fortnite. They’re available around the clock.

Download a Fortnite VPN for All of Your Devices

If you’re playing on PC, Mac, or Android, download one of PIA’s native apps straight to your device. If you prefer to play on a console, you can set up our VPN on your router, or create a virtual router.


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First, you’ll need to buy a VPN and install it on your PC, Mac, or Android device. If you’re playing on a console, you’ll need to set up your VPN on a compatible router, or create a virtual router. Then connect to a VPN server, launch Fortnite, and you’re ready to play.

For the best chances at lowering your ping, log in to Fortnite without the VPN enabled to see which server you’re currently on. Then, exit the game, launch the VPN, and connect to the server closest to your gaming server.

Fortnite doesn’t have any rules against using a VPN to play, and they won’t ban you for simply doing that. However, you can still get banned for using a VPN to break in-game rules or etiquette.

If you feel like you’ve been banned unfairly, you can check to see if it’s an IP ban by reconnecting to a different VPN server to get a different IP. Try PIA risk-free today with our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Yes, under the right circumstances. If your ISP is using an indirect route to your gaming server, connecting to a VPN server close to the gaming server can help.

PIA has a large server network, meaning you can easily connect to a server close to a Fortnite gaming server. Our 10-Gbps network delivers some of the fastest VPN speeds available, so you never have to worry about your data getting held up and causing gaming lag.

If you’ve been banned, you can use a VPN to see if it’s just an IP ban. Connect to a server to change your IP address and see if you regain access. If that works, you were only IP banned. If not, you may have been HWID banned, which requires much more than a VPN to get around.

You can buy PIA VPN for only , or if you buy our 3-year plan it works out at only per month. See what PIA can do for you completely risk free with our 30-day money back guarantee.

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