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To better serve you, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions.

+ Do you log?
+ Where are you located?
+ How many devices can I connect to the VPN at the same time?
+ Can I use Private Internet Access with my router?
+ Can I buy a preconfigured Private Internet Access router?
+ Can I use Private Internet Access when I am traveling or leave home?
+ Are there any limitations on usage or bandwidth?
+ Can I switch between countries and gateways?

+ I just signed up. How come I do not see my account information?
+ How do I know if I am connected and protected?
+ I lost my password. What should I do?
+ I can't connect! What do I do?
+ I am receiving an authentication failure error. How do I connect?
+ I am having TAP driver issues. What do I do?
+ I can't send e-mail while connected to the VPN - what do I do?
+ I connected to the VPN, but I still can't access some websites. What do I do?
+ My Android won't connect to the VPN. What should I do?
+ How do I open an incoming port?
+ My DD-WRT is missing Advanced Configuration Options. What do I do?

+ Can I get a refund after 7 days?
+ How do I convert my monthly plan to a yearly plan?
+ How do I cancel my subscription?
+ My question isn't answered. How do I get in touch?
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