About: Derek Zimmer

Profile November 14th, 2018
Derek is a cryptographer, security expert and privacy activist. He has twelve years of security experience and six years of experience designing and implementing privacy systems. He founded the Open Source Technology Improvement Fund (OSTIF) which focuses on creating and improving open-source security solutions through auditing, bug bounties, and resource gathering and management.
Website https://ostif.org/

Posts by Derek Zimmer:

  • Oct 17, 2018
  • Open Source, Privacy, Security,

The Security Usability Challenge

Everyone wants to be more secure. They want their browsing, their money, their utilities, and their lives to be as safe as possible. When you ask users of any service…

  • Sep 26, 2018
  • News, Security,

Firefox Hardening Guide 2018

Purpose: This guide shows a user in an easy-to-follow way how to improve the privacy and security settings of Firefox, which, when combined with a privacy VPN, gives a user…

  • Sep 5, 2018
  • Networking, Open Source, Privacy, Security,

The Current Status of WireGuard VPNs – Are We There Yet?

In security circles, WireGuard is an exciting proposition. It is a modern, open-source VPN client and server system that is highly streamlined, lean, and easy to review due to its…