Dear Mr. President, you must veto S.J.Res.34, protect #BroadbandPrivacy, and #KeepOurNetFree

Posted on Mar 29, 2017 by Caleb Chen
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President Donald Trump could and should veto a newly passed resolution which strips away Americans’ broadband privacy protections. In response to the 215-205 vote by the House of Representatives to pass S.J.Res.34 yesterday afternoon, Private Internet Access took out full page ads in The New York Times and The Washington Post to deliver a simple message to the country’s last chance at the Broadband Privacy rules which were passed in 2016. Since those broadband privacy protections were voted in by the FCC in 2016, ISPs and their lobbying organizations such as the CTIA have been donating and posturing hard to dismantle online privacy and bring us to this party-line vote.

After the vote, concerned Americans took to the Internet to express their disapproval for the resolution passing. On Twitter and Instagram, they rallied around the hashtags #BroadbandPrivacy, #SJR34, and #KeepOurNetFree. The message now, which we must get in front of the President is simple.

Mr. President, you must veto S.J.Res.34

The text of the 3/29/17 ad in the newspaper is as follows:

Dear Mr. President,

You just got spied on. Big league.

You know what it’s like. You really do.

Don’t subject us all to the same $%!#.

This is your chance to prove if you’re with the money…

…or with the people.

It really is.

Mr. President, you must veto S.J.Res.34.

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About Caleb Chen

Caleb Chen is a digital currency and privacy advocate who believes we must #KeepOurNetFree, preferably through decentralization. Caleb holds a Master's in Digital Currency from the University of Nicosia as well as a Bachelor's from the University of Virginia. He feels that the world is moving towards a better tomorrow, bit by bit by Bitcoin.

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  1. jbnp68

    Please… Like the Orange Turd cares what happens to anyone but himself? He’ll sign whatever Putin and Bannon tell him to sign.

    3 years ago
    1. SpazzK

      stop watching fake news

      3 years ago
  2. x2a

    “You just got spied on. Big league.
    You know what it’s like. You really do.”

    You just added legitimacy to an asinine claim…

    3 years ago
    1. SpazzK

      good thing it’s not actually a false claim then

      3 years ago