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How to Set Up a VPN for Meta Quest in 3 Steps

Getting smoother, safer connections while you play VR games doesn’t have to be complicated. Follow these three steps to get started:

Get PIA VPN — the #1 gaming VPN

Step 1

Get PIA VPN — the #1 gaming VPN

Connect to one of our 154 server locations

Step 2

Set up PIA on your router or on the Quest itself

Start playing Dead by Daylight with no lag

Step 3

Connect to a server & start gaming

Why You Need a VPN for Meta Quest

Fast Speeds

Fast Speeds

Your ISP doesn’t always make the most efficient connections between your VR headset and the game’s servers. If you route your data through a VPN server that’s close to the game servers, you can create a connection that’s more direct and more stable. This means that you can hang out in VRChat without worrying about lag, and you might even improve your ping.

No Bandwidth Throttling

Some networks throttle game-related internet traffic, which seems silly, but it happens. By rerouting and encrypting all of your internet traffic, a VPN can hide what you’re doing from the network and even your ISP. This means that your game traffic can’t be specifically throttled, and you can finish that round of Breachers uninterrupted.

No Bandwidth Throttling
DDoS Attack Protection

DDoS Attack Protection

The online social spaces made possible by VR are exciting to be sure, but just like everywhere else on the internet, they aren’t completely safe. A VPN hides your IP address, making it impossible to target you directly with DDoS attacks.

Play Meta Quest Games Anywhere

Some regions of the world get early access to games, DLC, and other content, and you shouldn’t have to wait. By routing your internet traffic through a VPN server in the right country, you’ll always be able to play the latest and greatest VR games.

PIA VPN has servers in 91 countries, including all of the countries where Oculus Quest 2 is available. Whether you’re getting in some early grinding, or traveling abroad, PIA has you covered.

Play Meta Quest Games Anywhere
How to Install PIA VPN on Meta Quest VR

How to Install PIA VPN on Meta Quest VR

First, you’ll need to register your Oculus account as a developer account. This will give you access to developer mode. Then, you’ll need a free program called SideQuest on your PC. SideQuest supports Windows, Mac, and Linux, so it should work just fine with whatever you’re running.

Go to the SideQuest website, and download the advanced installer. Connect your PC to your headset, then use the SideQuest advanced installer to load the PIA Android app onto your headset. You’ll be able to just start it up and go.

If you’re playing a PC game on your headset, it’s even easier; install the app on your PC and go. Another alternative is to set up PIA on your router or virtual router.

Which Countries is Oculus Quest 2 Available in?

We would love it if the Quest was available everywhere, but it’s not. Here’s where you can get it for sure:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Which Countries is Oculus Quest 2 Available in?

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Yes, you can! There are multiple ways to do this, of course. The Meta Quest, for example, runs on a modified version of the Android operating system. You can use SideQuest to install the Android version of PIA, and that gives you a gaming VPN right on your headset.

If you’re running a VR game on your PC, you can just use one of our VPN apps for Windows, Mac, or Linux, and play your games on a more secure connection.

PIA works well on the Meta Quest, both as a standalone app on the headset itself, and as an app on your computer when you play PC VR games. You can even install it on your router to help protect all of your devices at once. Just install PIA VPN, pick a VPN server, and carry on with your next game of Gorilla Tag.

Not directly. Each and every method to get a VPN working on the Quest 2 requires either side-loading an app, or running the VPN on your router. That said, VPNs do work quite well on the Quest 2, once you get one installed.

We’ll have to recommend PIA. Our 91-country server network covers every region supported by the Quest 2, and is powered by NextGen 10-Gbps servers. We don’t keep logs of what our users do, our security is industry-standard, and there are no data caps.

If you need any assistance getting started, our 24/7 Customer Support team will be glad to help you with your VPN-protected VR gaming adventures. They’re available by both live chat and email, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

In ideal circumstances, you shouldn’t be using free VPNs at all. Most of them have small server networks, which means they may not have servers in all of the 23 countries supported by Oculus Quest 2. Those servers are also usually slow, and heavily congested. Security is often not a concern.

Worse, some free VPNs actually collect and sell your data. Given the price of VR hardware, it’s perfectly understandable that you’d want a good deal, but PIA VPN blows any free VPNs out of the water. Try PIA risk-free with our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Strictly speaking, no. It’s not region-locked. However, it only supports 23 countries and the country or region you’re in will affect what games you can purchase and play. You can use a VPN to change your region, or to access your home region if you happen to be in the country next door for a weekend.

First, you’ll need a VPN. Once you have one installed on your headset, you just need to open up the app, choose the country you want, and connect. You should now be able to access content from the region of your choice.

You can also configure your router with a VPN. The process is somewhat similar, but you’ll need to be comfortable with changing your router’s settings. And you’ll need a router that supports VPNs.

Not as much as you’d think. At PIA, protecting your data in the VR world will cost only per month. If you’re ready to commit, the three year plan brings that price down to per month.

You can make sure that PIA is right for you, risk-free, with our 30-day money-back guarantee.

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