The Best PUBG VPN to Play from Anywhere

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The Best PUBG VPN to Play from Anywhere

How to Use a VPN for PUBG in 3 Steps

Get PIA VPN — the #1 gaming VPN

Step 1

Get PIA VPN — the #1 gaming VPN

Connect to one of our 154 server locations

Step 2

Connect to one of our 154 server locations

Start playing Dead by Daylight with no lag

Step 3

Play PUBG and get more chicken dinners

Why Do You Need a VPN to Play PUBG?

Lower Ping

Lower Ping

Every ms counts when you rush an enemy squad. Your ISP may not always give you the shortest route to the gaming server, causing high ping and laggy gameplay. Connecting to a VPN server close to the gaming server can shorten the route your signal takes, which can lower your ping and reduce lag.

Unblock PUBG Anywhere

If you’re in one of the countries where PUBG is banned, a VPN can help you access the game easily. All you have to do is connect to a VPN server in a country where PUBG is available. A VPN also hides your activity with encryption, helping you unblock PUBG on school, work, or public Wi-Fi networks.

Unblock PUBG Anywhere
Change Regions

Change Regions

PUBG only allows you to change your region once every 60 days, so if you want to try lobbies in different parts of the world without a long wait, you need a VPN. This can be useful when you want to see if connecting to other gaming servers lowers your ping, or if you want to access in-game items restricted to certain countries or regions.

Avoid DDoS Attacks

If disgruntled gamers get their hands on your IP address, they can hit you with a DDoS attack. A VPN hides your IP address, so it looks like you’re connecting from the VPN server location. If someone targets you with a DDoS attack, it will go straight to the VPN server, leaving you free to keep playing.

Avoid DDoS Attacks
Why Do You Need Low Ping to Play Roblox?

What Is PUBG?

Previously known as PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, PUBG is a free-to-play battle royale game where each player tries to hunt down and kill the other players to become the last man standing. At the start of each game, 100 unarmed players parachute onto an island, where they must scavenge for weapons and supplies while avoiding an ever-encroaching deadly storm cloud.

PUBG is known for its superior graphics, gameplay, and creativity. It’s the most realistic battle royale game, so much so that its depictions of gore are one of the reasons it’s banned in some countries.

Why Do You Need a Low Ping to Play PUBG?

Ping is the time it takes a data packet to travel from your device to the gaming servers. Your ping determines your reaction time, which is crucial when playing PUBG. If your ping is too high, then the winning headshot you carefully lined up can take too long to reach the gaming server. In the meantime, your opponent may move out of the way, causing you to miss. No chicken dinner for you!

If your ping is too high, PIA can help. When you connect to a VPN server close to the gaming server, you can reduce the distance your signal has to travel. This can lower your ping and level the playing field with your enemies, or even put you at an advantage.

Why Do You Need a Low Ping to Play PUBG?

What Is the Best VPN for PUBG?

The best VPN for PUBG is PIA. Get all the features you need for more responsive, lag-free, and secure gaming.

Servers all Over the World

Servers Around the Globe

PIA has VPN servers in all the locations where PUBG has game servers, including the US (Virginia and Ohio), Canada, the UK, Australia, and Germany. Whether you’re looking to lower your ping or just game with your buddies back home when you’re traveling abroad, you can easily find a server in the right location.

Fast Speeds

Fast Speeds

PIA’s 10-Gbps server network can easily handle your gaming traffic, and won’t slow you down even if you’re playing via the cloud. Get a fast, reliable connection and parachute into hot areas with more confidence.

DDoS Attack Protection

DDoS Attack Protection

Once your IP address is exposed, you could be the target of a DDoS attack, causing you to lose the match. PIA hides your IP and encrypts your internet traffic, keeping you out of the crosshairs of cyberthugs and trolls.

ISP Throttling Protection

ISP Throttling Protection

If you’ve paid for a fast connection but it always seems to slow down when you’re gaming, ISP throttling may be the cause. PIA VPN encrypts your traffic to hide your activity from your ISP, letting you bypass activity-based throttling with ease.

Unlimited Data

Unlimited Data

If you’ve just spent hours grinding, the last thing you need is for your VPN to cut you off when you’re finally about to level up. PIA gives you unlimited data so you can play as much as you like.

24/7 Customer Support

24/7 Customer Support

If you need help determining the best VPN server for your needs, PIA has your back. Our friendly team of VPN experts is available around the clock via live chat or email.

Download a PUBG VPN for All Your Devices

Whether you’re playing PUBG Mobile or prefer the OG version, PIA VPN has you covered. Download our user-friendly apps for Windows PC, Android, and iOS, or if you’re gaming on Xbox or PlayStation, configure our VPN on your router.


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Absolutely. There’s nothing in PUBG’s terms of service against using a VPN while playing. Of course, if you use a VPN to violate the terms of service, you may still be banned.

PIA VPN. Our 10-Gbps network gives you fast speeds and a stable connection so you won’t even notice you’re using a VPN. We have servers close to all the PUBG Mobile server locations, helping you keep your ping low and your chances high.

Download our feature-rich VPN app for Android or iOS to get all the benefits of a world-class gaming VPN.

Yes. It’s actually safer to play PUBG with a VPN than without one. A VPN hides your IP address so that malicious players can’t target you with DDoS attacks. It also encrypts your connection to protect your passwords and other personal data when you’re playing on unsecured public Wi-Fi networks.

If you’re using the VPN to unblock PUBG on a restricted network or from a country that bans it, connect to any server in a country where the game is available. If you want to reduce lag, choose a VPN server location close to your nearest gaming server.

It’s easy. All you need to do is connect to a VPN server in a country where PUBG is available, launch PUBG, and start playing. This works whether the game is blocked by your network operator, ISP, or government.

If you feel you’ve been banned unfairly, contact PUBG support to appeal the ban. If you have no luck there, you need to know what kind of ban you have before taking the next step. You can check whether you’ve been IP banned by simply connecting to a VPN server to change your IP address. If that enables you to play, you only have an IP ban. If it doesn’t work, you may have been HWID banned, which is a much more complex problem to solve.

Free VPNs usually have slow speeds and limits on use, making them no good for gaming. You’re better off with a good quality gaming VPN.

PIA delivers some of the fastest VPN speeds, giving you smooth gameplay even on cloud gaming platforms. We also give you unlimited data, so you never have to worry about getting cut off mid-game.

Try PIA completely risk free with our 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Disclaimer: Using PIA VPN for illegal purposes is a violation of our Terms of Service.


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