Use a Starlink VPN to Stay Internet Safe, Anywhere in the World

Boost security into the stratosphere and connect to the constellation with a VPN for Starlink.

  • Protect your satellite data from snoops and cybercrooks
  • Change your virtual location to access your favorite sites
  • Get advanced privacy features to be more anonymous online
Use a Starlink VPN to Stay Internet Safe, Anywhere in the World
What is SpaceX and Starlink?

What is SpaceX and Starlink?

Starlink is a satellite internet provider that’s owned by SpaceX. Starlink’s network — or constellation — of low-orbit satellites provides broadband internet to areas without traditional infrastructure — so people there can stream, call, browse, and communicate online.

Starlink’s satellites use a lower orbit than other satellite internet providers. This has two main advantages; it lowers latency, and gives Starlink a speed advantage over its competitors. Currently, Starlink offers high-speed internet coverage to 50 countries but plans to extend this worldwide.

What is a Satellite VPN for Starlink?

A satellite VPN is software that protects your satellite internet connection. Whether you’re using SpaceX Starlink, OneWeb, or Amazon Keiper, your internet data is exposed as soon as you connect — just as it is on Wi-Fi, ethernet, or 4G/5G. Exposed data can reveal your passwords or other sensitive data to cybercrooks. A satellite VPN encrypts all the data leaving your device so that it’s unreadable to anyone monitoring your network.

What is a Satellite VPN for Starlink?

Set Up PIA VPN for Starlink in 3 Steps

You don’t need technical satellite array know-how to set up a Starlink VPN. Just follow these simple steps.

Step 1

Sign up for Private Internet Access

Step 2

Set up PIA on any device

Step 3

Click to connect and secure your Starlink connection

Is Satellite Internet Secure?

Satellite internet is no more or less secure than other internet connections. However, basic, low-cost satellite TV equipment can easily intercept satellite internet traffic, and satellite orbits are available for free online. Once the equipment targets a satellite, its data is accessible. Satellite ISPs don’t encrypt data because it can reduce speeds and increase latency. A Starlink VPN protects and encrypts your data, keeping it safe, even if intercepted.

Is Satellite Internet Secure?
Does Starlink Work with VPNs?

Does Starlink Work with VPNs?

Yes! Starlink’s low earth orbits make it a good choice for VPN users because it has lower latency and faster connection speeds than other satellite networks. Most premium VPNs are compatible with Starlink, and reports of compatibility issues are rare. PIA integrates seamlessly with Starlink and only takes a couple of minutes to set up.

Why You Need a Satellite VPN

Satellite internet connections aren’t encrypted, meaning your internet data could be exposed. A satellite VPN protects you from online tracking, cybercrime, and surveillance.

Protect Your Privacy Online

Every time you visit a website, you leave details such as your IP and device profile behind. This info can be used to track you across the internet, build a profile, and serve targeted ads to you.

PIA masks your IP address and disguises your device fingerprint to cover your digital footprints. These features work alongside our No Logs policy, which guarantees we’ll never collect or share your VPN usage data.

Protect Your Privacy Online
Shield Your Passwords and Financial Information

Shield Your Passwords and Financial Information

Protect your sensitive information on Starlink and avoid data theft. VPNs use encrypted tunnels to transfer your sensitive information between data points. As soon as information leaves your computer, it’s encrypted. Even if someone monitors your satellite traffic, they can’t read encrypted data packets, so your passwords and financial information remain secure.

Change Your Virtual Location and Unblock Websites

Unless you’re a business customer, your Starlink connection uses Carrier-Grade NAT, which creates an unusual IP address that some websites won’t accept. PIA changes your IP address to a conventional one you can use to access the content you want. Our VPN also lets you change your virtual location, meaning you can unblock your e-banking portal or other websites when connecting from a remote location.

Change Your Virtual Location and Unblock Websites
Defend Against Malware and Phishing

Defend Against Malware and Phishing

If your satellite connection is intercepted, you may be redirected to a site that looks legit, but actually hosts malware, or is operating a phishing scam. PIA MACE protects you from these threats at the DNS level. Our built-in blocker refuses any connection to sites containing these threats, so they never reach your device. All you have to do is enable MACE in your VPN settings, and start browsing with more confidence.

How to Set Up PIA VPN for Starlink on Your Router 

Install PIA VPN on your Starlink router to protect your data at the source. A router VPN is easy to set up, and because it protects all your devices, you don’t have to configure devices individually. Starlink routers only allow VPN installation on business plan subscriptions. For other plans you’ll need to get a compatible third party router.

Step 1

Make sure your router is compatible

Step 2

Subscribe to PIA

Step 3

Set up our VPN on your router using our installation guides

Step 4

Click to connect and start browsing securely on Starlink

PIA’s Top Satellite VPN Features

easy to use vpn

Global Server Network

Connect to our network of NextGen servers in 91 countries around the world.

easy to use vpn

Strong Encryption

Fortify your data with unbreakable encryption for more privacy and safety online.

Watch on Any Device

Fast Speeds

Beat the buffering wheel and stream seamlessly in 4K with our 10Gbps servers.

No Logs Policy

Unlimited Bandwidth

Stream, download, and game as much as you want with unlimited VPN bandwidth.

Block Ads & Trackers

Ad and tracker blocking

Stop malware, ads, and trackers infiltrating your computer with our DNS-based blocker.

No Logs Policy

No Logs Policy

Remain discreet — we never monitor, track, or store your VPN usage data, no matter what.


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VPN Expertise

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Our service is tried and tested over many years to give you unrivaled online privacy.

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24/7 Customer Support

24/7 Customer Support

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PIA’s VPN is fully compatible with Starlink. However, not all VPNs work well with satellite internet, so it’s a good idea to research thoroughly before you buy a VPN.

It’s simple to set up PIA for Starlink and it only takes a couple of minutes. First, sign up to PIA, then download VPN apps from our website, and install them on your devices. Lastly, connect to a server and start browsing — it’s that easy.

Most premium VPNs are compatible with satellite internet. However, satellite networks will sometimes struggle with the additional load, resulting in increased latency. If you’re still unsure, PIA offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on VPN packages, so you can find out if it meets your needs.

If you use Starlink on a pay-per-Gb subscription, encrypting your data with a VPN will increase the cost by around 20%. A VPN can also increase latency on Starlink, despite its low orbit satellites. Our high-speed VPN network ensures your connection stays fast enough for uninterrupted, hassle-free streaming, or anything else you want to do online.

Only if you’re a Starlink Business customer. If you use Starlink under a different plan, you can’t directly install a VPN on a Starlink router. Instead, you can use a VPN-compatible router to connect to Starlink.

Starlink utilizes a network of ground stations. Due to system requirements and server loads, Starlink doesn't guarantee to connect you within your state or country, even if there is a ground station in your location. To get around this, connect to a PIA VPN server in your desired location to get a new IP address from that area.

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