Private Internet Access announces third year of WireGuard® sponsorship

Posted on May 1, 2020 by Private Internet Access
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Private Internet Access is happy to announce that we are sponsoring the WireGuard® project as a bronze company donor. Private Internet Access first sponsored WireGuard in 2018, and with our 2020 sponsorship has now been a WireGuard sponsor for three years. Private Internet Access believes in sponsorship as a way of giving back to the community and is proud to sponsor WireGuard.

This year’s WireGuard sponsorship is special because it coincides with our release of WireGuard support on all desktop clients and mobile applications. Private Internet Access first released WireGuard support as part of a beta in March, 2020 and brought it to all users in April, 2020. Similarly, CyberGhost and ZenMate, other VPN companies under the same parent company, KAPE, have also supported WireGuard as bronze company donors.

Why Private Internet Access sponsors WireGuard

Private Internet Access is committed to providing a secure and private no logging VPN service to our customers and as part of that commitment, we sponsor open source projects and organizations that champion security, privacy, and civil liberties. WireGuard is a new VPN protocol that has been widely acclaimed – so much so that it is now part of the Linux kernel. Learn more about WireGuard in the PIA WireGuide.

Because it is a free and open source software (FOSS) project, WireGuard development is supported by developers that donate their time, as well as companies that donate funds. FOSS underlies much of the internet and computing technologies that we use today and Private Internet Access will continue to support FOSS projects like WireGuard because that is part of the PIA ethos. Without the support of the entire community, projects like WireGuard would not be able to exist to advance our internet. View a full list of organizations and projects sponsored by Private Internet Access on this page.

“WireGuard” is a registered trademark of Jason A. Donenfeld.

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