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How do I protect my child online?

The internet is a great place to find information for research, education and entertainment. However, unlike radio, television and books, the Internet is seemingly uncensored and allows criminals and bullies to contact and communicate with your child. Proper direction prior to allowing your child to browse the web can help prevent most of the dangers associated with children's internet use. However, some serious complications will still remain.

Anyone can find out your personal information online!

As more social networks and powerful search engines are created, we are losing our privacy at rates that our society has not yet seen. With only an IP address, criminals and bullies are able to find out both you and your child's location. In addition, with simple searches, these same people can find out what websites you visited, including your social networking sites. While many social network sites provide privacy settings to control who can see your child, many issues still remain.

Hacked Accounts

Another major security flaw that continues to plague the internet today is account hacking. To date, hundreds upon thousands of profiles belonging to children have been hacked with all of their information and photos being released on the internet.

These issues can and should be prevented!

How do I protect my children online?

Online safety is available through our services which utilize high grade encryption, tunneling and anonymous IP address based browsing which help to protect your children online. With proper direction from parent to child and help from Private Internet Access, your child and the future will remain safe.

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